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Video of the Month — State of Unreal Presentation at GDC 2023

GDC is chock-full of great panels, talks, side events, and of course plenty of networking opportunties. What many in the press will also find of great interest are the keynote speakers and presentations from big named companies like Intel, Nvidia, Unreal, Unity, and many others. From new technologies to interesting new bling bling that can be added to your gaming or production PC, these keynotes often time reveal what’s coming to the industry in the next couple of years.

Case in point, this year’s GDC 2023 State of Unreal presentation was certainly no exception to this rule. We got an exciting first look at Unreal Engine 5.2 (UE5 in general is a super promising new game engine), and several new game previews like Fortnight Chapter 4 (which also uses UE5 and a new in-game building toolset).

Have a look!

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