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Video of the Month — AMD @ CES with a New Generation of Computing Hardware

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is always a special technology oriented event held every year in Las Vegas, NV. Over a hundred thousand square feet of floor space with everything from cars, robots, home appliances, to computer tech fills the space. It’s that latter mention of the latest gadgets in computerland that we’ll be covering today in our Video of the Month series.

For a little background, AMD has almost always been the underdog trailing Intel in CPU, GPU, and other hardware advances. AMD’s offerings are usually lower cost and sometimes a step or two behind technologically from what Intel can muster. This can be a good thing for consumer who are on a tight budget, as they don’t necessarily want the latest and greatest for exorbitant prices anyway. On the other hand, weak competition can also end up hurting all consumers.

AMD has never truly had the chance to take on Intel in a serious way… until now.

While one could argue that AMD’s recent rise is due in no small part to Intel itself over the last couple of years, it’s clear that AMD has also been ingenious in how they have positioned themselves recently in the tech space, both CPU and GPU wise. For example, they are the first to employ the new PCI Express 4.0 interface which is important for speedy SSD storage drives. The last couple of years with Intel’s missteps and delays in getting their 10nm CPU process out the door has only given AMD room to grab some important market share.

This week at CES in particular has revealed what AMD plans to do with that market share by releasing several new product lines. In the presentation you can watch below, you’ll get a glimpse into their next CPU architecture, Zen 3, as well as their next GPUs and much more. Even the laptop space, a place completely dominated by Intel, is set to be a fierce battlefield between the two companies in 2020. If the outlook occurs as is being presented, the powerful innovation engine of competition is back.

Have a watch at what you’ll be able to get your hands on soon:

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