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Video of the Month – AMD Announced Radeon RX 6000 Series

It’s been many years since Intel, and to a lesser degree, AMD have had serious competition. Intel was the king of CPUs until recently where AMD has been making inroads into all sectors but in particular into gaming. Nvidia has usually led the GPU efforts with AMD either a close second or sometimes ahead depending on which game or benchmark you choose.

This past month has seen a flurry of new hardware announcements with AMD taking things a step further on both the CPU AND GPU fronts, surprising both Intel and Nvidia. Now, we’re no fanboys of any one particular company, but we do have to say that AMD is really shining these days, reigniting competition that was previously stalled and prevented progress of the gaming hardware industry for years.

We can’t stress enough how important this competitiveness and progress of technology has been. The entire industry is feeling the effects of these companies squaring off against each other. Even the next generation of consoles is taking advantage of what AMD has to offer, which will have positive effects on future games for years to come.

Competition is a good thing!

We wanted to select AMD’s recent livestream announcing their new Radeon RX 6000 GPU series as this month’s spotlighted video. Remember, this new series is headed to consoles (modified of course) and upcoming PCs with new technology like raytracing.

Have a watch:

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