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How to Use a VPN for Xbox

Online gaming is a serious business and one that is positively thriving, thanks to the huge variety of games and software that is now available. The spectrum of players has shifted in recent years and now encompasses a wide range of ages and genders. The growth in popularity of e-sports has lead to an industry boom and individuals can earn a small fortune, with some tournaments even being shown on television.

Competitive Rage

The popularity of the gaming industry is undeniably flourishing and with all of the positive hype comes a slightly darker side, as some committed players have a tendency to rage at the slightest thing. Controllers have been known to fly across the room and it’s common for the air to turn blue when players become frustrated. There are many things that can lead to this pent up frustration, from a natural competitive edge and games that are seemingly made to aggravate, through to ping times and lags. If your ping is high, some servers will even kick you off and this can be extremely irritating for committed players seeking a new highest score.

Why a VPN Can Help

There is a way to combat some online gaming outbursts and that is to invest in a good quality VPN. Many think that a VPN is something that only avid downloaders use but this couldn’t be further from the truth, as more and more online gamers are now discovering.

VPNs and Your Xbox

XBox fans can take advantage of a VPN to improve their gaming experiences, with benefits ranging from being able to hide your location from Doxers to gaining access to exclusive American content from the UK. XBox is synonymous with the world of gaming and is one of the most popular gaming brands around the globe. Since its release in 2001, the genius Microsoft console is into its third generation and is available in 21 markets worldwide.

Spoofing your location allows you to enjoy your XBox gaming experience even more and here’s why:

– Services such as Netflix are controlled via your location, which can be blocked by using a VPN to circumnavigate the geo-block, providing you with access to more content wherever you are based. Although, be sure to check the terms of your Netflix account.
– You can access the native language of any country, no matter where you live which is great if you are an expat living abroad and you want to access games in your mother tongue.
– DDoS attacks can be avoided, ensuring that you won’t fall prey to cheaters.
– Your multiplayer options can be increased by using a VPN as you can appear to be playing from another country where there are more players.

VPNs have numerous advantages to them, from the anonymity they provide to the security they give. Everyone from avid online gamers and holidaymakers to business owners can take full advantage of the benefits that a VPN provides.

For those looking to use a VPN for Xbox, there are a host of VPN services available. Unsure on which VPN to use? Look no further than this in-depth guide by VPN content providers


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