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Twitch streaming multiple panels all weekend at PAX AUS – get the full schedule now

Friday 31 October, 2014 – The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), is proud to partner with Twitch to provide streaming access to multiple panels all weekend at PAX Australia. PAX Australia, which opens today and runs through Sunday November 2, offers more than 100 panels with a topic for everyone.

Fans can tune in to more than 36 hours of streaming content, including Omegathon coverage, live concerts and much more. Fair dinkum!

Some of the high-profile PAX AUS panels include:


~ ‘Storytime with Pete Hines’: Join PAX Aus 2014 keynote speaker Pete Hines, the Vice President of PR & Marketing at Bethesda Softworks, as he talks about his 15 years working on franchises such as The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Wolfenstein. He’s done everything from writing manuals to playtesting games to serving as the company’s chief spokesman, and he’s sure to have some unique stories to tell!


~ ‘A Chat with Chris Roberts: The Original Wing Commander’: A round table chat with Chris about everything from the early Mark Hamill days all the way through to the most successful crowd funded game of all time.


~ ‘Media Molecule – Ask Us (almost) Anything’: Media Molecule are responsible for creating Little Big Planet and Tearaway. Join studio director Siobhan Reddy and her team, along with ABC TV’s Good Game host Gus “Goose” Ronald as they explore Mm’s rationale to game design and building communities of like-minded gamers.


~ ‘Why watch when you can play?’ – Bajo and Hex from ABC’s Good Game are joined on stage by film critic and presenter Marc Fennell and special guests to discuss how gaming has led to the rise of Twitch and YouTube celebrities. They’ll be offering tips successful broadcasters pass on so that you too can build an audience!


~ ‘Political Proactivism for Geeks’: What’s in store for the games development industry in Australia? Where are we headed?  This panel invites key members of Australia’s political parties to weigh in on recent cuts and changes to Australia’s funding of games development.


~ ‘Rooster Teeth’: Formed in 2001 with the online smash hit Red Vs Blue, Rooster Teeth has since grown into a Texan-sized production company, responsible for none other than Achievement Hunter, RWBY, The Gauntlet, Immersion, Slo-Mo Guys and plenty more. Join the Rooster Teeth staff as they go up on stage completely unprepared and wing it!


For a continuous live stream of the PAX AUS show floor – and prize giveaways throughout the weekend, head to www.twitch.tv/spiral_live 



Full Streaming Panel List:



Friday, 10:30am – 11:30am AEST (Thursday 4:30pm PST)

Title: Storytime with Pete Hines

Theatre: Main Theatre

Description: Join Pete Hines, the Vice President of PR & Marketing at Bethesda Softworks, as he talks about his 15 years working on franchises such as The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Wolfenstein. He’s done everything from writing manuals to playtesting games to serving as the company’s chief spokesman, and he’s sure to have some unique stories to tell!

Pete Hines [Vice President of PR & Marketing, Bethesda Softworks]



Friday, 1:00pm AEST (Thursday 7:00pm PST)Title: Rooster Teeth

Theatre: Main Theatre

Description: Formed in 2001 with the online smash hit Red Vs Blue, Rooster Teeth has since grown into a Texan-sized production company, responsible for none other than Achievement Hunter, RWBY, The Gauntlet, Immersion, Slo-Mo Guys and plenty more. Join the Rooster Teeth staff as they go up on stage completely unprepared and wing it!

Jack Pattillo [Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter]
Ray Narvaez, Jr [Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter]



Friday, 2:00pm AEST (Thursday 8:00pm PST)

Title: Political Proactivism for Geeks

Theatre: Wombat Theatre

Description: After the latest federal budget, many Australian “geeks” were upset about the cuts and lack of support to science, the arts, libraries, and tech. So, how can we express to the powers that be that we value our libraries and art galleries, our CSIROs, and Interactive Game Funds? Does slacktivism achieve anything? Are protests outdated? Can video games be an effective tool for political persuasion? Help us brainstorm positive ways to express our shared values to all sides of politics.

Adam Bandt [Member of Parliament, The Greens]
Sue McKerracher [Executive Director, ALIA]
Justin Halliday [Investment Manager, Screen Australia]
Conor O’Kane [Lecturer, RMIT]
Dr Fiona Tweedie [Organiser, GovHack Melbourne]
Nicole Stark [Director, Disparity Games]



Friday, 3:30pm AEST (Thursday 9:30pm PST)

Title: A Chat With Chris Roberts, The Original Wing Commander

Theatre: Wombat Theatre

Description: Wing Commander. Freelancer. Star Citizen. Chris Roberts is no stranger to the infinite blackness of space. But what is it that keeps drawing Roberts back? What is it like working with Mark Hamill to shoot full-motion video cutscenes? And just how did Star Citizen make $50 million without even being released? Find out as we join the veteran game designer to look to the stars.

Chris Roberts [Space Lord, Cloud Imperium Games]
Daniel Hindes [Space Trucker, GameSpot]
Nathan Cocks [Space Nomad, Freelance]
Joab Gilroy [Space Drunkard, Freelance]
Seamus Byrne [Space Dad, CNET]



Friday, 4:30pm AEST (Thursday 10:30pm PST)

Title: Designing Smite and cracking the MOBA market

Theatre: Main Theatre

Description: Join Hi-Rez Studios as they dive into the design and development process behind the mythology themed, third-person MOBA Smite. Hear stories about the game’s early development, design hits & misses, and how the community has helped Smite become the #3 MOBA worldwide. Plus, free exclusive skins!

Todd Harris [CoFounder, Hi-Rez Studios]



Friday, 5:30pm AEST (Thursday 11:30pm PST)
 Bioware: Stories You Can Play
Theatre: Wombat Theatre
Description: Developers from the Dragon Age: Inquisition team walk attendees through the evolution of Bioware’s storytelling over the past decade: How the studio and the gaming landscape have evolved, and their thoughts on why Dragon Age: Inquisition is the next step in Bioware’s goal of crafting the best stories you can play.
Aidan Scanlan [Assistant Director of Design, BioWare Edmonton]
Mike Laidlaw [Creative Director (Dragon Age Franchise), BioWare Edmonton]
Mark Wilson [Lead Technical Designer (Dragon Age: Inquisition), BioWare Edmonton]


Friday, 7:00pm AEST (Friday 11:00am PST)
Title: Cards Against Humanity
Theatre: Wombat Theatre
Description: Pitch your card ideas to the creators of Cards Against Humanity and special guests. The best suggestions will go in the game, the worst suggestions will be mercilessly ridiculed.
Eli Halpern [Co-Creator, Cards Against Humanity]
David Munk [Co-Creator, Cards Against Humanity]
Claire Friedman [Experience Manager, Cards Against Humanity]
Jenn Bane [Community Manager, Cards Against Humanity]
David Pinsof [Co-Creator, Cards Against Humanity]
Max Temkin [Co-Creator, Cards Against Humanity]



Friday, 8:30pm AEST (Friday 12:30pm PST)
Title: Friday Night Concerts – Paul & Storm, Tripod
Theatre: Main Theatre
Description: Our first night of concerts, you may feast upon the sounds of musical comedy duo Paul and Storm, followed by Tripod and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra premiering their upcoming show ‘This Gaming Life’



Saturday, 10:30am AEST (Friday 4:30pm PST)
Title: Penny Arcade – Make a Strip!
Theatre: Main Theatre
Description: Ever wonder what goes into making a Penny Arcade comic? Join Gabe and Tycho in the Main Theatre and take part in creating Monday’s comic!

Gabe and Tycho!



Saturday, 12:00pm AEST (Friday 6:00pm PST)
Title: Playing as a Female Character – does it matter?
Theatre: Wombat Theatre
Description: Yes girls like to game, but does being able to play as a female character make a difference to gamers of both sexes? On this panel we explore if gender is more than pixel deep.
Hex [Presenter, ABC TV]
Siobhan Reddy [Studio Manager, Media Molecule]
Peter Hines [Vice President of PR & Marketing, Bethesda]
Aidan Scanlan [Assistant Director of Design, Bioware]
Randy Pitchford [CEO, Gearbox Software]
Rex Crowle [Creative Director, Media Molecule]



Saturday, 1:00pm AEST (Friday 7:00pm PST)
Title: What’s driving the future of PC gaming?
Theatre: Main Theatre
Description: PC gaming is having an unprecedented resurgence and is bigger and better than ever. But what will drive the next stage of PC gaming? Gamers now expect far more from PC gaming than just more pixels jammed on the screen — but where will this next wave of innovation come from? From new technologies such as VR, through PC’s taking over the loungeroom; from digital delivery platforms, through crowd-funding dev communities: we’ll explore the path ahead for the world of PC gaming.
Nic Healey [Senior editor, CNET]
Joe Olmsted [Product Development Manager, Alienware]
Chris Roberts [Founder, Cloud Imperium Games]
Aidan Scanlan [Assistant Director of Design, Bioware]
Jeffrey Yohalem [Lead Writer, Ubisoft]
Callum Underwood [Developer Relations Manager, Oculus VR]



Saturday, 2:00pm AEST (Friday 8:00pm PST)
Title: BATTLECRY: Welcome to the WarZone
Theatre: Wombat Theatre
Description: Join the BattleCry Studios team as they discuss the world of BATTLECRY, the upcoming team action combat game from Bethesda slated for Beta in 2015. Learn about the team’s approach to combining visceral brutality and competitive multiplayer action to create a new gameplay experience. Plus get exclusive swag!
Rich Vogel [Executive Producer, BattleCry Studios]
Lucas Davis [Design Director, BattleCry Studios]
Mark Tucker [Senior Systems Designer, BattleCry Studios]
Shahin Kanafchian [Community Manager, BattleCry Studios]
Rae Johnston [Tech & gaming advocate & TV presenter]



Saturday, 3:30pm AEST (Friday 9:30pm PST)
Title: Good Game: Ask Us Anything

Theatre: Wombat Theatre

Description: If you are a fan of ABC TV’s Good Game and Spawn Point, your chance to ask presenters Bajo, Hex, Dave and Goose and the show’s creator Janet Carr just about anything about the shows and how they make them. The panel will be moderated by Paul Verhoeven.

Janet Carr [Executive Producer, Good Game – ABC TV]
Bajo [Presenter, Good Game – ABC TV]
Hex [Presenter, Good Game – ABC TV]
Goose [Presenter, Good Game – ABC TV]
Paul Verhoeven. [Steam Punks – ABC TV]
Dave Callan [Good Game – ABC TV]



Saturday, 5:00pm AEST (Friday 11:00pm PST)

Title: Hey there, good lookin’!

Theatre: Wombat Theatre

Description: “Are video games art?” Who cares? This is not just another panel asking the unanswerable question. Instead, we want to figure out the most beautiful game in history. We’ve asked our panellists to name their favourites, and they’re ready to defend their decisions. Is it based purely on visual appeal, or is there more to it than that? Does user experience come into it – can a terrible game also be a beautiful one? What’s your pick?

John Nesky [Feel Engineer, thatgamecompany]
Jeffrey Yohalem [Lead Writer, Ubisoft]
Rex Crowle [Creative Lead, Tearaway, Media Molecule]
Jessica Citizen [Editrix, Player Attack]
Ken Wong [Lead Designer, Ustwo Games]



Saturday, 6:30pm AEST (Saturday 12:30am PST)

Title: Building New IP – Pixel by Pixel

Theatre: Wombat Theatre

Description: Some of the best and brightest minds in game development are right here at PAX. Between them, these developers have created some of the most rich and diverse game universes. In this panel our guests will give us a unique insight into the joy, and pain, in bringing life to some of gamings best virtual worlds, pixel by pixel.

Bajo [Presenter, Good Game]
Siobhan Reddy [Studio Manager, Media Molecule]
Ken Wong [Lead Designer, Ustwo Games]
Pete Hines [Vice President of PR & Marketing, Bethesda Softworks]
Randy Pitchford [CEO, Gearbox Software]
Barry Meade [CEO, Fireproof]



Saturday, 7:30pm AEST (Saturday 1:30am PST)
Title: Omegathon Round 4 – Battleblock Theatre
Theatre: Main Theatre


Saturday, 8:00pm AEST (Saturday 2:00am PST)
Title: Saturday Night Concerts – 7 Bit Hero, Freezepop, MC Frontalot

Theatre: Main Theatre

Description: Our second night of concerts features Brisbane group 7bit Hero, American electronic music band Freezepop, and nerdcore hip-hop legend MC Frontalot.



Sunday, 10:30am AEST (Saturday 4:30pm PST)
Title: Inside Gearbox Software
Theatre: Main Theatre
Description: Gearbox Software is back at PAX Australia! This is your opportunity to take a behind the scenes look at Gearbox Software and get the latest news and updates on our games including Borderlands, Battleborn and Homeworld Remastered! We will have never before seen reveals, exclusives and surprises so don’t miss your chance to hang out with the Gearbox crew at PAX Australia!



Sunday, 11:30am AEST (Saturday 5:30pm PST)Title: I am JC Denton: A Conversation With Jay Anthony Franke
Theatre: Wombat Theatre
Description: Jay Anthony Franke is the voice actor who not only provided the voice of JC and Paul Denton, but also worked on the dev team that created the Gaming Classic, Deus Ex. Please join us as Jay recalls stories and anecdotes of how this Legendary game to be. This will be a 45 minute presentation/interview followed by a 15 minute audience Q&A.
Jay Anthony Franke [Voice Actor/ Game Developer]
Peter Marshall [Interviewer]



Sunday, 1:00pm AEST (Saturday 7:00pm PST)
Title: Pay vs Fremium – the impact on Creativity
Theatre: Wombat Theatre
Description: Hand Held devices have massively expanded and altered the gaming landscape. Independent developers have lead the way in this new frontier. But while we’ve enthusiastically embraced mobile gaming, when it comes to paying, we’re not nearly so keen. Developers have responded with various funding models in order to make a living. But what is the impact on the creative process and ultimately who are the winners and losers?
Bajo [Presenter, Good Game]
Barry Meade [CEO, Fireproof Studios]
Rami Ismail [CEO, Vlambeer]
Phil Larsen [Chief Marketing Officer, Half Brick]
Leigh Harris [CEO, Flat Earth Games]



Sunday, 2:00pm AEST (Saturday 8:00pm PST)
Title: Penny Arcade Q&A #2
Theatre: Main Theatre
Description: Wait, they do even more panels!? These guys are the best! Come meet the hardest working duo in the online jpeg racket. Gabe and Tycho field your questions and entertain you because hey, you deserve it.
Gabe and Tycho!



Sunday, 3:00pm AEST (Saturday 8:00pm PST) 
Title: Media Molecule – Ask us about our games!
Theatre: Wombat Theatre
Description: Media Molecule are responsible for creating Little Big Planet and Tearaway. They are the Triple A developers with the big heart – committed to developing games that immerse the player in beautiful virtual worlds that transcend age, gender and cultural differences. Key to the MM gaming experience is enabling the player to use their original tools to create their own game worlds. This panel will explore Mm’s rationale to game design and building communities of like-minded gamers.
Gus “Goose” Ronald [Presenter, Good Game]
Siobhan Reddy [Studio Manager, Media Molecule]
Rex Crowle [Creative Lead, Media Molecule]
James Spafford [Community Manager, Media Molecule ]



Sunday, 4:30pm AEST (Saturday 9:30pm PST)Title: Where to now for Australian Game Development?
Theatre: Wombat Theatre

Description: Australians have been making amazing video games for 30 years but it’s fair to say that the last few years have been a difficult time for local developers. Hosted by Kotaku’s Mark Serrels, the panel will discuss what is happening now and what the governments, developers, publishers, investors, educators and gamers can do to help forge a bright and exciting future for the Australian development scene. The panel will also shine a spotlight on some of the most exciting locally developed games.

Mark Serrels [Editor, Kotaku AU]
Chris Wright [Managing Director, Surprise Attack Games]
Clara Reeves [Manager – Games, Digital Content and Animation, Film Victoria]
Morgan Jaffit [Director, Defiant Development]
Tony Lawrence [General Manager, 2K Australia]
Maize Wallin [Interactive Art Composer/Curator, Glitchmark]



Sunday, 5:30pm AEST (Saturday 10:30pm PST)

Title: Omegathon Round 5 and Closing Ceremony

Theatre: Main Theatre



The full schedule can be viewed online here.

The maps and exhibitor listings can be viewed online here.


PAX Australia is held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 31 October to 2 November, 2014 and is organised by ReedPOP in conjunction with Penny Arcade.

For further information visit www.paxaustralia.com.au or follow PAX Australia updates via official Twitter and Facebook.


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