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TONOR TC-777 PC USB Microphone Review

Today we’re reviewing the new TONOR TC-777 PC USB Microphone. This is a general use microphone that can work with nearly any system that accepts USB inputs. Previously, we’ve been using a Sony product for the past few years, so it was a nice change of pace to get our hands on a newer product to see how it compares to one of the industry names out there. Were we pleasantly surprised at what the TONOR TC-777 had to offer.

The Unwrapping

Upon receiving the box we knew we were in for a treat, though a bit skeptical that anything for such a low price would be sufficient for our needs. While the microphone sells on Amazon.com for just $39.99, we were in doubt as to the quality of the microphone when the quality of the box itself was sturdy and professional. Hey, boxes cost money too, so it had to come from the pool of available resources.

Fortunately, we were pleasantly surprised when removing the microphone from the box. You get the microphone, of course, a relatively small but sturdy stand, pop and cover filters, cabling, and miscellaneous documentation. While the frame is basically all plastic with the helpful exception of the base, it’s still quite sturdy and light. Setting it up was a breeze as it was already pretty much ready to go after that.

As for the stand, we found it to be the perfect size for our rather busy main PC desk. There isn’t a lot of room on this desk, so it was good to have a microphone that had a lot of ability to fit between cables and devices. However, since it is small, it’s also short. That means you may need a few books or a raised base of some kind to bring it to mouth level… if that’s what you want. We found it wasn’t necessary.

About the cabling. It’s on the short side. This is quite honestly one of the only major drawbacks to the microphone. While it works for tight setups, we know that there are some larger desks out there that would appreciate another foot or two to the length.


  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz-16KHz
  • USB Output: USB Type B to Type A
  • Maximum SPL >100dB
  • S/N Ratio: 56dB
  • Sample Rate: 44.1KHz-48KHz
  • Output Impedance 68ohms


It’s all plug n’ play here. In fact, there was absolutely no setup or tweaking required for a standard livestream or video call connection. Our previous mic took literally hours to adjust and we couldn’t reduce an odd echo that still to this day occurs with it. That could be our ignorance in how to calibrate it properly, but to be honest, we shouldn’t have to do that. The TONOR TC-777 worked and sounded great right out of the box, a convenience which could make a lot of users happy.

Audio Quality

Quality of audio in nearly every case was fantastic. Especially, again, for casual calls and teleconferencing, you couldn’t ask for a better experience. There was no echo or popping, even when we went right up to the pop filter and forced a few loud sounds at it. Some audiophiles may find the edge frequencies a bit lacking, but odds are, they won’t be buying this microphone anyway.

Ambient noise wasn’t much of a problem either, unless you were in a really loud room to begin with. The microphone has a neck damper, base cushions on the feet, and, again the pop filter and mic screen to help reduce noise and vibrations.

Our Verdict


  • Materials are sturdy and comfortable
  • Audio records great right out of the box
  • Microphone looks good and high quality
  • It’s small enough to fit on most desks


  • The stand may be a bit too short for some uses

If all you need is a basic microphone setup with plug n’ play capability, audio quality that works great for teleconferencing or livestreams, and are not picky about size or minor adjustment needs in positioning, then the TONOR TC-777 is a fantastic buy.


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