The Great Wave of Online Game Industry Events

Over the past several weeks we’ve seen an unprecedented number of events either be cancelled or reschedule due to COVID-19 Coronavirus. It’s a difficult time out there for many, but it also providing a new way of looking at how events conduct business.

Out of this mass shuffling of normal event expectations, we’ve also seen a number of events go online. Whether this is a temporary move or perhaps a new trend that continues beyond current world concerns, remains to be seen. We can say that it’s already forced upon us a wave of innovation to an industry that’s already on the bleeding edge of new tech.

Here are the events of 2020 that have gone online. We’ve also placed a note next to each that states whether it’s always been online or is online specific to recent events.

2020 ONLINE EVENTS (Updated on 3/30/2020)

Events for Gamers focuses on conferences and conventions, so we’re sure we’ve missed dozens of other online game industry events and gatherings out there.

Is there an online event in 2020 or beyond that we don’t have in the list? Let us know. We will be actively updating this page with new events.