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Sweden Game Conference Announced as Hybrid Event in 2021

The 2021 edition of the Sweden Games Conference now has a date, a venue, and theme. Sweden Game Arena, the organizers, announced the return of this annual game developer- and startups-centered event, scheduled to appear both online and on-site at Skövde, Sweden, from October 13-15.

The announced theme is “Crossing Borders: Moving Forward Together.” The conference will cover a broad theme, probably as a jumping-off point from a year of COVID-19 — diving into the disruptions and transformations, what’s worked and what’s not, while discussing how to work better together and diversify practices and develop new partnerships and alliances. Quite a spectrum of topics!

From Magnus Ling, Project Manager at Sweden Game Arena:

“In our conference, we invite you to share your methods, stories, games and concerns for current and future game development as we transition and adjust to changing world conditions and find new possibilities for connection.”

While the Sweden Game Conference is returning to a physical site later this year, because the event drew more than 1,200 attendees online, the event will be livestreamed this year too. One of the learnings for event organizers after a pandemic year is that broadening reach and improving accessibility through online events can be a plus. It’s likely that many events will include that option as part of their programs even as events start returning to physical locations.

Tickets for the Sweden Game Conference will be available starting on August 18. For more info about the conference, stop by the official site:


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