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San Jose Shows Its Geek Love for Silicon Valley Comic Con

From San Jose let its geek flag fly — literally — as the Silicon Valley Comic Con banner was raised inside the City Hall rotunda Tuesday afternoon in advance of Steve Wozniak‘s pop culture/science extravaganza this weekend.

Woz was there for the ceremony wearing a comfortable “Star Trek” hoodie, and much to his delight, most of the City Council was decked out in Trek gear, too. “I don’t know what comic con in the United States, the City Council comes out and dresses up in cosplay and helps make it an enjoyable event,” said Wozniak, who later accepted a commendation from the City Council.

Not too many cities have a councilman with his own Captain America shield, either. But hey, if you can’t be a pop culture nerd in Silicon Valley, where can you do it? “I have always loved San Jose,” said Wozniak, who later accepted a commendation during Tuesday’s City Council meeting.
“All of the Silicon Valley work, all of our engineering, it all involves a large amount of fun and play. Geeks are that way.” Councilwomen Dev Davis and Magdalena Carrasco wore red uniforms, the color of Starfleet engineers — the people who get things done.

Of course, in Trek stories, the “redshirts” have a bad habit of getting killed off. Councilman Raul Peralez, perhaps showing his intellectual side, was in a blue top like Mr. Spock. Johnny Khamis, Chappie Jones, Tam Nguyen and Lan Diep matched Woz by wearing gold shirts like Capt. Kirk.

“It is a mini-mayor system, after all,” Diep joked.



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