Samsung Developer Conference 2019, Moves to San Jose

The South Korean tech giant, Samsung, has announced its developer-focused conference this year along with a few key details. In a location change from previous years, the Samsung Developer Conference 2019 (SDC 2019) will be hosted in San Jose, California instead of San Francisco. The SDC 2019 event dates will be adjacent to the Halloween holiday, with event dates of October 29-30.

Will Samsung trick or treat gamers with hardware in virtual reality, mobile or software platforms?  A hint might come from Samsung’s last high-profile showing in games, which was at this year’s Game Developer Conference (GDC 2019). At GDC 2019, “optimization” seemed to be the key word. Whether it was for different form factors or software development platforms. Their game developer-centric tools GameSDK, GPUWatch, and Adaptive Performance were presented at GDC 2019 — and are likely to receive a further spotlight at SDC 2019.

As for hardware, Samsung may have surprises up its sleeve for gamers but nothing as huge as the company’s much-ballyhooed Samsung Galaxy Fold folding smartphone, which was the centerpiece of the company’s developer conference in 2018. Originally slated for a late April launch, technical issues with main display faults and a visibly noticeable crease when the device is folded have delayed the launch since and forced the cancellation of pre-orders while Samsung addresses the issues. Whichever form the Fold takes, it’s sure to be part of the SDC 2019 program.

Also on the smartphone side, the coming power of 5G cellular network technology will add up to zippy data transfer, broader coverage, and lower latency, which will have a huge impact on the way games are designed and played. Samsung will no doubt be showcasing flagship smartphones, among other devices, featuring 5G speeds.

Speculation aside, no firmed-up details for the Samsung Developer Conference are available at this time. The official SDC 2019 website currently offers a link to registration and a link to sign up for conference updates. Events for Gamers will also be keeping tabs on this conference as the SDC 2019 program and event experience starts taking shape.