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Post PAX Australia 2014 with Crabitron Kinect

From Gamasutra: This year we had the pleasure of presenting our new game Crabitron Kinect to the public for the first time at PAX Australia. The game is currently in alpha, and we polished up a vertical slice ready in time for PAX Aus. We faced challenges presenting a Kinect game to such a large audience, in this post I will detail the highs and lows and what we got out of PAX Aus 2014.
The Game

Crabitron Kinect is about an adorably mutated giant space crab, battling the universe with your body as the controller. As Crabitron, use your hands clase to smash, grab and tear the universe a new black hole. Gorge on entire planets, solve insidious puzzles, and exchange blows with hordes of adversaries.

We decided early on that this game would be a Kinect-seller, rather than using it as a gimmick, it’s part of the core experience and I think it shows.
Why PAX Australia?

I have been asked this question countless times in person, on twitter, everywhere. As with all expos you have to ask yourself why are you presenting there. For us it was about a few different things. Firstly, we wanted to set ourselves an unshakable deadline to deliver a vertical slice of the game. Secondly, we wanted to spread the word to both the public and media about our upcoming game. And thirdly we needed to test it on a wide variety of people to get feedback on usability, fun factor and get an idea of how different demographics react to the game.

Read more at Gamasutra.


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