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Mobile Games Forum rebrands as Gamesforum and announces first event in January 2018 (press release)

The Mobile Games Forum (MGF) is rebranding to Gamesforum and will be hosting its first cross-platform B2B event on the 24th-25th January 2018 in Central London.

The conference, which is set to be hosted in the County Hall in Westminster, will bring together 600 attendees from across PC, console and mobile for the first time in the history of the event.

Over 80 people speakers will join us on six different content tracks, providing their thoughts on topics related to Marketing and Business, Design and Development, The Global Games Market, Esports, VR and AR and Videogame Culture.

We can confirm that our six track hosts include Alysia Judge from IGN, Jordan Erica Webber from The Guardian, Stewart Rogers of Venturebeat, freelance games writer Will Freeman, Esports journalist Mike Stubbs and experienced tech journalist Monty Munford.

And our initial batch of announced speakers include Paul Heydon of London Venture Partners, Tracey McGarrigan of Bossa Studios, Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail, Newzoo’s CEO Peter Warman, Mike Bithell of Bithell Games, Alex Moyet from Curve Digital and No More Robots’ Mike Rose.

“Our aim for Gamesforum is to create an event that offers excellent speaking sessions, a professional environment to do business – whatever your company size and purpose – and a forum to exchange ideas,” said George Osborn, the incoming Event Director for the Gamesforum event.

“With the barriers between game platforms eroding and game businesses increasingly turning away from being labelled platform specific, we felt it was the right time to broaden our horizons – providing companies from across the industry with a great opportunity to kickstart their year.”

Tickets are now on sale for Gamesforum, including passes for micro studios at under £100. Use the offer code LAUNCH10 before midnight on Saturday 14th October to get 10% off any ticket here.​


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