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Intel Developer Forum 2015 Preview

The Intel Developer Forum 2015, taking place August 18-20, 2015, in San Francisco, cannot be considered a dedicated games industry event in the way of a GDC or E3. Still, Intel’s technology and software developer tools sure do have an impact on the games created and played across all platforms, from CPUs, GPUs, computer vision and so on. The ripple effects of the social politics within the game industry have helped spur Intel to launch an initiative, starting earlier this year, to boost diversity in game development.

However, in your daily moment of inception, you have to go to the Intel event within the Intel event to find the concentrated dosing of game developer goodness. That event is ably represented by the Intel Buzz Workshop — Game Dev Camp San Francisco 2015. This daylong event takes place on the first day of the three-day IDF show, also at the Moscone Convention Center where IDF is being hosted. Here are a few notable features at this event to keep an eye out for during a very busy week at IDF.

The Buzz Workshop experience

After a year of hosting Buzz Workshop events in North America and Europe, Intel has mastered a formula that involves usually free events spotlighting a slate of game developers and Intel evangelists, a demo room and a live demo competition, with a healthy sprinkling of competitions and giveaways for attendees.

That core experience is now being brought to 2015 IDF. However, it is condensed in time and offering longer but fewer sessions through the day, while being integrated with IDF content on different floors at the multilevel Moscone Center. Among the topics covered under the Buzz Workshop umbrella are alternative funding and improving the development cycle.

Speed Networking

This is something of a new feature in the Buzz Workshop events. A lengthy (one and a half hours) speed networking opportunity in the afternoon with mentors and panelists could give some attendees insights into the games industry, the projects they’re working on and need help with, their next great gig and more.

Mega Gaming Session

Besides the keynote, the “mega sessions” also get headliner status — including the game-centered one-hour “The ‘Game’-Changer with Doug Fisher and Kirk Skaugen”.

It’s not every day you get one session with both the senior vice president and general manager with the Software and Services Group, and the senior vice president and general manager with the Client Computing Group, both of whom wear “I love games” hats, metaphorically speaking at least. If games are somehow not your cup of energy drink, there’s always the security, IoT and 5G mega sessions too.


Let’s face it: A major reason this Buzz Workshop event has been for several days and more wait-listed is because of the free full Intel Developer Forum pass that comes along with signing up for free. Not a bad incentive at all to join up and be counted. Hopefully, there’s a strong percentage of folks in it to plug into Intel’s resources for game development as much as any of the amenities that accompany attendance.

One sure thing is that the Game Dev Camp event should be bustling through the day, so if you plan to attend, it would make sense to show up early!


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