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The increasing value of community management

“Every year, the art and science of community management is becoming more predictable,” said Jono Bacon, the Community Leadership Summit lead organizer. It’s becoming a renaissance, and over the last few years the practice is starting to be written down and documented. It’s evolving.

The 5th Community Leadership Summit (CLS), an unconference focused on community management and leadership, was held in Portland, Oregon on July 20-21 this year.

There are two general observations worth noting.

First, attendees observed that topics that were typically coming up year after year at the conference, in the sessions, are changing, evolving, or disappearing altogether. This means that community managers are learning, evolving, and advancing onto more complex topics.

Second, there was an overarching question of: How do community managers deliver value? One of the main benefits of an unconference like the Community Leadership Summit is that attendees can explore the answer to this question. Many of the sessions I attended touched on this topic. Translating community growth and management into value that a company can understand is becoming more and more clear.

The experience from the open source community continues to lead and prove the value of community management. The role of the community manager is evolving and becoming more complex.



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