Gaming at the Speed of Life: PNY Introduces XLR8 Gaming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series Powered by the all-new NVIDIA Ampere architecture

Parsippany, New Jersey, September 1st, 2020 – PNY today announced the expansion of its NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ GPU family by adding the new PNY XLR8 Gaming GeForce RTX 30 Series.

The PNY XLR8 Gaming GeForce RTX 30 Series line of GPUs will be available in three different configurations: RTX 3090, RTX 3080 and RTX 3070, all powered by the all-new NVIDIA Ampere architecture, providing enhanced gaming realism, powerful real time ray tracing, extreme overclocking capabilities, and cutting-edge features that will power-up your performance and accelerate the way you game.

The new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs, the 2nd generation of RTX, features new RT Cores, Tensor Cores and streaming multiprocessors, bringing stunning visuals, amazingly fast frame rates, and AI acceleration to games and creative applications. Powered by the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, which delivers increases of up to 1.9X performance-per-watt over the previous

generation, the RTX 30 Series effortlessly powers graphics experiences at all resolutions, even up to 8K at the top end. The GeForce RTX 3090, 3080, and 3070 represent the greatest GPU generational leap in the history of NVIDIA.

“Gaming realism has reached new heights enhancing game creation and gameplay alike while inspiring more creativity, outstanding visual graphics, and increasing the in-game competitiveness,” said Matt Wuebbling, vice president of global GeForce marketing at NVIDIA. “The NVIDIA Ampere architecture brings you cutting-edge realism that allows you to enjoy better graphics and advance your game play, so that you not only stay in the game, you excel in it.”

Own the game

Immerse into the most advanced and graphic intense AAA games today and be ready for new titles yet to come. The PNY XLR8 Gaming GeForce RTX 30 Series lets you game like a pro by delivering a powerful combination of ultra performance and super-fast memory.

Real-time ray-tracing

Technological advancements present on the PNY XLR8 Gaming GeForce RTX 30 Series and the real-time ray-tracing capabilities allow for more realistic reflections, renderings

and shadows creating the ultimate gaming experience, bringing the game to life like never before.

Overclocking and RGB Customization

The PNY XLR8 Gaming GeForce RTX 30 Series is compatible with PNY’s VelocityX™ overclocking software which allows for the customization and monitoring of critical stats like core clock, memory clock, core temperature, fan speed, RGB lighting and more, aiming for the perfect balance of performance and efficiency.

Product Features:

  • PNY XLR8 Gaming GeForce RTX 3090 o 24GB
    • 3 fan
    • PCIe 4.0 o GDDR6X
    • Overclocking: via VelocityX Software
  • PNY XLR8 Gaming GeForce RTX 3080
    • 10GB
    • 3 fan
    • PCIe 4.0
    • GDDR6X
    • EPIC-X RGB
    • Overclocking: via VelocityX Software
  • PNY XLR8 Gaming GeForce RTX 3070
    • 8GB
    • 3 fan and 2 fan variations
    • PCIe 4.0
    • GDDR6
    • EPIC-X RGB on 3 fan version
    • Overclocking: via VelocityX Software

Product Availability:

PNY XLR8 Gaming GeForce RTX 3080 will be available starting mid-September via and as well as on and other eTail partners. The PNY XLR8 Gaming GeForce RTX 3090 will be available later in September and PNY XLR8 Gaming GeForce RTX 3070 will be available by mid-October.

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Updated: September 3, 2020 — 6:20 am