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GameTheory Wins VR Brain Jam and Shares Insights

From Gamesforchange.org: The GameTheory team was lucky enough to spend the last weekend of July doing what we love most: solving problems with games in entirely new ways.

We were asked to join Games for Change’s first ever Neuroscience VR Game Jam, or #BrainJam. And yes, that’s a quite a bit to fit into one title, but the event was outstanding, delivering on all those seemingly disconnected pieces to create one truly inspiring experience.

To understand this event, and what made it such a great weekend for the team, let’s break that title down. First it was a Game Jam. For those who don’t know, a Game Jam is similar to a hackathon, only where a product is the main goal of a hackathon, learning is much more important in a Game Jam. You take 24-48 hours and have to make a game from scratch around a specific theme. A bunch of people participate and you all tackle this same challenge together. At the end of the given time you see what you all managed to make.

In this case, neuroscience was our topic for the jam. While we like to think over here at GameTheory that we’re pretty wily, we certainly aren’t neuroscientists, so we had some provided for us in mint condition. We had Leanne Chukoskie from University of California San Diego and Patrick Beukema from the University of Pittsburgh who were amazing additions to the team.

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