Game Developer Conference 2018 Updates

Game Developers Conference 2018 is still months away, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of fresh, useful news turning up about one of the flagship events for the game industry.

Aside from the recent news of conference registration opening up, now there’s plenty of other news, especially for potential speakers who can whip up a great presentation on short notice.

GDC Esports Day Talk Deadline Approaches

GDC Esports Day is the conference’s recognition of the fast-growing competitive gaming space, dedicating Monday on March 19th and Tuesday on March 20th. Notably, convention organizers aren’t looking to project how to Esports bigger (which doesn’t appear to be a problem, according to plenty of data) , but rather how to make it better. The deadline to submit a talk is Friday, November 3rd.

The tweet below covers all the details, including a link to submit a talk.

Lead Design, Tools Tutorial, Board Game Design Talks Submission Opportunity Expires Soon

From the Game Developer Conference’s site itself, a summary of other opportunities to submit talks to still-open categories was listed, which we’re sharing below. Whether you’re into analog game play or next-gen digital tools, there’s plenty to consider if you’re a speaker with a specialization in these categories:

Board Game Design DaySubmit talks via this form before November 1st! The Board Game Design Tutorial is a one-day deep dive into the art and science of designing non-electronic board (and card) games. Featuring multiple notable speakers from the world of board game design, this is an opportunity to get deep into the design mechanics behind innovative and popular board games, and hear about the design ethos that has shaped standouts in the resurgent world of board game development.

Level Design WorkshopSubmit talks via this form before November 3rd! The 2018 edition of the popular Level Design Workshop is run and organized by Joel Burgess and Clint Hocking, and will feature 5-7 speakers from around the industry talking about all aspects of level design.

Tools Tutorial Day: Submit talks via this form before November 3rd! The Tools Tutorial  is a deep dive into the state-of-the-art techniques and processes for building tools that enable game development teams to ship awesome games. Topics will range from usability and workflow to studio services and automated testing, and all the technology in between. Listen to experts from studios large and small talk about their experiences shipping the tools that ship awesome games.

Apply to Volunteer at GDC 2018 as a Conference Associate

Ah, to be a conference associate (CA) at GDC. These folks attend the conference with full access at no cost, get paid for it, help GDC attendees and join what is reputed to be a tight-knit community of other CA volunteers, one that stays with them as they grow and developer within the game industry. If that sounds like a slice of heaven, then you’ll want to scope out this opportunity at this conveniently placed link. The chance to apply to be a conference associate ends on December 22nd.

As more key news from GDC 2018 emerges, Events for Gamers will be tracking it and spreading the word!

Updated: July 13, 2020 — 6:16 pm