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Finalists Revealed for the Indie Game Award 2024, hosted by the Taipei Game Show Organizing Committee

The Indie Game Award organized by Taipei Game Show (TGS) has risen to unprecedented heights within the Asia-Pacific region and captured the global interest of indie game developers with entries from 267 outstanding indie games hailing from 43 countries/regions. Developers from Brunei, Greece, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Pakistan, Argentina, and several other nations are participating in the event for the first time this year.

After the pre-selection phase, a total of 25 entrants from 14 countries/regions have successfully advanced to the final phase. In the final phase, a panel of judges consisting of experts from the gaming industry, media journalists, past IGA winners, and influencers will evaluate and select the ultimate winners across eight categories, including the prestigious Grand Prix award. The award-winning games of Indie Game Award 2024 will be showcased at Taipei Game Show 2024 with dedicated booths, offering hands-on experiences for visitors to explore the unique charm of indie games.

Finalist Spotlight: Serbian Standout and Robust Representation by Taiwanese developers

The nominated teams, spanning from Taiwan, China, Japan, Canada, Indonesia, Spain, Poland, the UK, Thailand, Serbia, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, and South Korea, showcase an array of diversity and creative visions. Notably, Serbia’s Ebb Software emerges as a standout with their first-person horror adventure game, “Scorn.” This immersive creation introduces a uniquely interconnected open world, delivering an exceptionally realistic interactive experience.

Taiwanese indie game developers took the lead in the number of entries in this year’s Indie Game Award, followed by Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia. The strength of Taiwanese developers was evident in the pre-selection phase, with multiple outstanding works receiving praise from participants and successfully advancing to the final phase. Notable entries include “Nine Sols,” a soul-style steampunk 2D side-scrolling adventure puzzle game by Red Candle Games; “MindsBeneathUs,” a lateral dialogue narrative game by BearboneStudio that integrates popular AI topics; and “Roll Roll Hero,” a Rogue-lite card construction mobile game by Gamtropy, where players defeat dungeon enemies by forming slot machine combinations. These entries have received unanimous praise and recognition for their top-notch craftsmanship.

Additionally, the Taiwanese developer Futile Games, with the 3D side-scrolling puzzle game “mossasis,” explored the vast unknown world from the perspective of moss, securing a spot as a finalist in the Best Student Game category. The organizers emphasize their commitment to encouraging more outstanding talents from the younger generation to join the gaming industry, and they plan to expand the recruitment for this award category in the future.

TGS B2B ZONE Visitor Pre-registration Starts in December – Continuously Expanding Global Game Industry Cooperation

With global game exhibitions fully returning to physical events, TGS led over 10 Taiwanese indie game developers to participate in industry exchanges worldwide in 2023. This included events such as Japan’s BitSummit, the Philippine GameDev Expo (PGDX), South Korea’s iconic indie game expo, the BIC Festival, China’s ChinaJoy, Japan’s Tokyo Game Show, Melbourne International Games Week, Malaysia’s Level Up KL, Singapore’s gamescom asia, and South Korea’s G-STAR. The memoranda of understanding were signed, and the Taipei Game Show organizing committee continued to expand global cooperation in the gaming industry.

As the first exhibition that kicks off the year 2024, the TGS B2B ZONE opens pre-registration for business visitors starting from December 1st. Those who complete registration can not only enter the business area during the exhibition to interact with exhibitors but also schedule meetings or exchange business cards with game industry professionals from around the world through the business matchmaking system, offering industry professionals a strategic advantage.

Indie Game Award 2024 Finalists:


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