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Events for Gamers Chats with MeetToMatch

This is the second year that Events for Gamers has featured the MeetToMatch series of business events. The next event in the series is coming up on March 20-24, 2023 in San Francisco, so we had to speak to the team on why MeetToMatch is a great place to do game business. Here is what they had to say:

E4G: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us about your MeetToMatch event series! What is MeetToMatch all about at its core?

MeetToMatch: MeetToMatch is the leading B2B event platform that you can use to plan meetings with other participants, plan pitching sessions, and to explore games, products and services in the showcase. This premium event networking service is aimed at meeting potential business partners by choice rather than chance, and for you to have an optimal event experience.

What are the key differences between the events in the MeetToMatch series, from San Francisco to the other cities? Are there any hybrid attendance options?

Our flagship events in San Francisco, Cologne and Tokyo are similar concepts. They happen during big B2B events to make meeting potential new business partners and networking easier and more streamlined. You can schedule meetings mostly on site at a location of your choosing, but at our Tokyo event, there will likely be virtual elements added to the event concept.

What can attendees learn about video game business, marketing, licensing options, and more from industry leaders that are expected to be present?

With over 1600 industry professionals on the platform (and counting!), The San Francisco Editon of MeetToMatch provides a wealth of knowledge and experience, on every thinkable field within the games industry; all gathered together on one platform! Whether you are a game dev looking for a publisher, a publisher or investor looking to support awesome new projects, or just looking to make beneficial connections and expand your network, The San Francisco Edition 2023, powered by Xsolla is sure to offer you ample opportunity for that and more!

Speaking of industry leaders, any special guests and speakers that are expected at the San Francisco show that attendees shouldn’t miss?

Among the 1600+ attendees, current sign-ups include Sony Playstation, Xbox, NetEase, Nacon, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, 11 Bit, PlugIn Digital, Raw Fury and many more publishers and investors.

What can game industry business executives and others benefit most from attending?

The biggest benefit for anyone attending is the opportunity to network and schedule meetings efficiently in one platform. Things can get pretty hectic and chaotic when it comes to scheduling those important meetings at events. In our platform you can see who’s attending at a glance, see when you’re both available and request to meet with them at a location of your choosing.

We noticed the official website hosts a “MeetToMatch Platform”. What does the platform do for attendees, and are there any benefits to networking at the event (always a top interest for event attendees)?

You will receive access to the MeetToMatch platform after purchasing your ticket. You can use the online MeetToMatch platform to browse through the attendees, sessions and products, manage your schedule, and to plan your online or on-site meetings. MeetToMatch offers a thoroughly tested, easy to use platform that directly links meeting partners to a location such as a booth, table or meeting point, or to a video conferencing tool. No hassle with switching between platforms, taking different time zones into account and providing meeting locations or links to your meeting partners, MeetToMatch does this for you.

What other professional services does MeetToMatch provide, either directly through the event for attendees or via other services throughout the year?

MeetToMatch also has an agency label called Representing Games, which actively works with game studios, publishers, investors, governments, and others to help them with business consultancy and set them up with relevant connections. Most often, this means working with development studios on improving their pitch materials and reaching out for them in our extensive network of publishers and investors, setting up connections and introductions between interested parties. We also have a digital magazine, PreMortem.Games, covering all things game development.

With the event right around the corner, do you have any special offers and suggestions for last-minute attendees?

Late bird tickets are available for €150.95 but you can use code EFG10 at checkout for 10% off your ticket!

Any suggestions for new business professionals entering the industry in getting their game business started, or how to network at events like MeetToMatch?

Bring a lot of business cards, plan your meetings in advance, be as prepared as you can be, and stand out so people will remember you. First impressions matter, and you never know if the person in front of you could help you out in the future, whether that’s short or long term!

Thanks for the opportunity to chat, and we look forward to seeing you at MeetToMatch San Francisco 2023!


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