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Events for Gamers at GDC 2016

If you are going to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this year, where might you find the E4G crew? Aside from being at many of the talks, expo floor, networking haunts and parties, there are select events at GDC we are partnered with and participating directly in. These four events, a networking dinner, an off-site panel, a party and a GDC roundtable, you will find briefly and helpfully summed up here for your scheduling pleasure, in chronological order:

5th Annual GDC Kickoff Dinner!

Sunday, March 13, 5-10PM

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A tradition for many at GDC, this networking dinner was known for crowds of new and experienced game developers swarming a restaurant on the night before the show kicked off. This year, the Kickoff dinner returns at a new venue, with buffet-style Chinese food which is pre-paid with the ticket, to keep the focus on the joys of networking and dining versus waiting and other logistics. Odds are, you might run into one of us there in the thick of things during the evening.

Organized by previous Kickoff dinner organizer, Andrew Alcott, the dinner is partnered with Events for Gamers and 800 Birds.


Secrets of Chinese Mobile Game Piracy & Copycatting

Wednesday, March 16, 3:30-5PM

Event link

The Chinese mobile gaming market is huge and growing quickly, but what about issues of piracy and copycatting? Numerous stories have emerged from market about developers and publishers losing control of their app and its code in the Chinese market. This panel will address the topic head-on and suggest strategies to make an impact against pirates and copycatters. Events for Gamers will be moderating this off-site-from-GDC panel, at the ever-popular event venue, Minna Gallery.


F2P Forum Presents: GDC Mixer 2016

Wednesday, March 16, 5-8PM

Event link

Free-to-play games, a huge piece of the pie within the games market, get their own spotlight at a GDC party (continuing at Minna Gallery). I should say “again”, because the F2P Forum event is, impressively, heading into its ninth year in 2016. If you’re attending, expect a full house, a wide range of beverage options and appetizers. Game business people and developers alike are welcomed.

Events for Gamers is on board as a media partner, joining sponsors Superstar Games, Skillz, Narvalous, Amplitude,, ZVKY Design, AppSolid and PacketZoom.


IGDA Community Management SIG Roundtable

Thursday, March 17, 4-5PM

Event link

Mathew Anderson, who is the Chair of the IGDA Community Management SIG and is also the founder and editor-in-chief of this humble website, is hosting a roundtable on-site at GDC, for game community leaders. Among the topics covered, at least with an events focus, includes how to evangelize the SIG at industry events, coming up with and submitting talks for events, and even how to run an event booth at a show.

We hope to see you at these events and many others at GDC 2016!


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