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A Sign(ing) of the Times for NVIDIA’s Jensen Huang at Computex 2024

While it can be argued that Jensen Huang and NVIDIA have reached a kind of rock star status in the technology industry through their positioning in the GPU market, sometimes a viral sort of symbol is enough to seal the deal. And the tech giant’s CEO may have achieved just that this week at the massive Computex show in Taipei, Taiwan.

A poster on the social media platform Threads shared the video and picture of Jensen Huang at Computex on the busy expo floor mobbed like a pop star for photos and autographs. One young woman presented her shirt for the NVIDIA CEO to sign. He looks sideways and asks if it’s a good idea but proceeds as the young woman apparently went out of her way to seek out the signature.


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Jensen Huang, in his signature leather jacket, has led the charge for the “cool” applications of silicon and AI for years, starting with with the company’s first GeForce 256 GPU in 1999 to enhance gaming experiences. The company expanded from there, growing into robotics, mainstream high-powered computing, server chipsets, and recently have become a massive stakeholder in the booming AI market. Furthermore, Huang has seen his Santa Clara-based silicon and tech giant explode in stock value 174% from a year ago. Jensen Huang’s personal net worth has also bloomed with the value of his company, rising to $107 billion, which places him as the 13th richest person in the world.

On a related note, further demonstrating NVIDIA’s continued rise in the age of AI and HPC, the company reached the status of second-most valuable publicly traded company as of June 6, Thursday, after closing higher in the stock market above Apple’s valuation, sitting at $3 trillion, but still just behind Microsoft’s valuation.

At the Computex 2024 show, besides this viral social media moment, NVIDIA announced an accelerated but evenly-staggered out GPU release schedule over the next few years. From the Computex 2024-related NVIDIA blog post:

“Revealed for the first time, the Rubin platform will succeed the upcoming Blackwell platform, featuring new GPUs, a new Arm-based CPU — Vera — and advanced networking with NVLink 6, CX9 SuperNIC and the X1600 converged InfiniBand/Ethernet switch.


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