Off Main: PAX Expo in Boston Offers a Glimpse of the Future

From Every March or April for the past five years, I’ve headed down to Boston to glimpse the future of video games.

No crystal ball is involved. Instead, I attend the PAX East expo, a gargantuan gathering that fills the city’s convention center for three days of out-and-out geekery. Video game (and board game) developers and publishers tout their new and upcoming wares. Players compete in tournaments. Game designers talk about their art and craft in panel discussions.

People dress up like their favorite video game characters, too.

Every year while at PAX East, I look for trends. When you have more than 70,000 people crowding a space over the long weekend, along with hundreds upon hundreds of games on display, it’s natural to search for order in the chaos. And we’re living in a game-saturated society. Everyone has little time-wasting puzzles downloaded on their mobile phones or tablets. Many own a video game system – some model of Wii, PlayStation or Xbox.


Updated: June 29, 2015 — 6:41 am

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