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5 Android Games You Need to Download

The Google Play store is overflowing with game options, which can make choosing your next download a little overwhelming. With awesome graphics, interesting storylines and plenty of action and suspense, these Android games will make it difficult to put down your phone. Super Mario Run The first Nintendo game made for mobile has arrived. While […]

eSports Zone No. 3

This column has been on an extended vacation, touring the world, taking pictures and finding itself, but now eSports Zone is back to wrap up a little of the amazing news in the fast-moving world of competitive gaming. Let’s review (and we promise to skip the long, boring slide show from that trip): eSCON USA […]

The Future of Live Gaming

Credit: Pixabay To truly assess the technological changes we’ve made in the past 20 years, all we have to do is look at how gaming has evolved to see how far we have come. We’ve moved past arcade games, to single player consoles, to console gaming with anyone around the world, to online PC gaming with […]

New Galaxy S7 Game Pack Highlights

There are several reasons why CNET has dubbed the Galaxy S7 “the smartphone that gamers have been waiting for.” In addition to groundbreaking graphics made possible by the Samsung Galaxy S7’s Quad HD Super AMOLED display—the same technology used in OLED TVs—the smartphone is ready for virtual reality gaming with VR Gear. Additionally, the S7 […]

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