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Grab these promotions, discounts and ticket sales while they last! We will be adding more as events submit their offers. Add your event to this list! Contact us with a discount code that we can distribute and terms for the code.

E-Sports North Asia Summit 10% Off Code: ISG_E4G10 Dec 4
XLIVE 20% Off Code: XLV 165 Dec 9

Promote Your Event

There are many opportunities to promote your event or game on Events for Gamers. We take very seriously all coverage of an event, whether it is complimentary or premium. This starts with the event placed in key news areas. Any relevant event news is accepted, and we will endeavor to post it in a timely manner. There are many more options to explore below.

To learn more, please submit all inquiries to

Individual Opportunities

From single-day summits to after-parties, there’s always a lot of activity going on around some of the larger events. If you want to highlight your event or activity within one of the main events, let us know! We’ll promote it through news items you submit, or we can simply place a banner on the site to help draw interest in the event. We even have exclusive newsletter coverage options as well.

Articles and Interviews

Quality coverage is essential, so we provide easy and free coverage when it comes to basic articles and interviews with visitors and event staff that run the event. Let us know if you have someone you’d like to promote, and we’ll work with you on writing about them.

We also accept from speakers a list of their yearly attended events, providing the community a way to keep a track of their preferred speakers. Keynotes in particular are notable to the general public and have their own exclusive sections on the site.

Direct Onsite Attendance

The only true way to spread word about your event is to get the media to come visit it. This is one of our featured options event coordinators typically most want. We offer a wide range of options when covering your event onsite, including a photo album, social media coverage, articles, and exclusive video interviews with attendees you can select for us to cover.

Featured Banners

  • Front Page Exclusive: We’ll feature your event on the front page!
  • Top Feature Banner: Replace the rotating banner on the site with your own.
  • Flagship Header: Replace the banner on news pages with your own.
  • Event Pages: Exclusive leaderboard event page banner.
  • Spotlight Features: Have your event stick out with pinned news in key areas.

Fitting Your Banner

In addition to the background surrounding the website, and exclusive blackout options, we have the follow event ad size spaces available. Please contact us with any questions you might have.

Super Wide (845w x 135h)

Your Exclusive Event Banner Here

Leaderboard (600w x 125h)

Your In-rotation Event Banner Here

Flagship Header (250w x 115h)

Your In-Rotation

Event Banner Here

Skyscraper (160w x 600h)



Event Banner


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