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Whether you are an event coordinator, game developer, press reporter, dedicated fan or simply curious about game industry events, Events for Gamers has the latest event updates for you in one consolidated calendar. Not only is the site a resource, but it also is a vibrant community across multiple social networks.

To help everyone keep connected and meet each other during events, we announce event news on all social networks as it is released by event sites. If you are only interested in a certain event, simply click on the event link on the left menu column to learn more about that type. Upcoming event dates, locations, speakers and other information are often listed as well.

If you have a suggestion on how to improve Events for Gamers to fit your needs, or if you would like to be a leader in the community, we are happy to hear from you!

Who Events for Gamers Is For

Event Coordinators

* Advertise your event through our promotional system.

* Promote your event by submitting news for us to feature.

* Find developers and press that are interested in your event.


* Explore events your company may wish to market their products at.

* Meet colleagues and business partners to discuss events of interest.

* Track and monitor news related to your company’s games.


* Explore events you or your company may wish to cover.

* Meet colleagues and discuss the latest game news from the events.

* Track and monitor news you may wish to disseminate to your communities.

Game Fans

* Get the latest news and game information on the latest events.

* Learn more about casual events in your area.

* Meet fellow gamers and discuss current and upcoming events.

About the Events

Conferences are geared more toward industry professionals and generally closed to the public. They may have expo halls, but the bulk of the event consists of speakers, meeting rooms, roundtables and other discussion platforms.

Summits are similar to conferences but tend to be shorter and/or more focused on a specific theme, such as phones, massively multiplayer online games, online media, marketing, etc. Summits often are closed to the public but may be more open to those wanting to attend if they can gain permission.

Conventions are expo-hall focused with a variety of products that have at least some substance in the gaming industry. There may be conference-type content, but this is generally light. They are usually not open to the public but have a strong media presence that tends to draw public interest.

Fan Events can have expo floors like conventions but are often focused on a wider range of themes. They are much more receptive to the public and often focus on a specific game or company.

Other Events are those events that may not fit into any of the other categories. Some of these events may not have a direct relationship with the game industry but support it in other ways. For example, Computex focuses on computer hardware for gamers.

Events for Gamers Editorial Staff

Events for Gamers, E4G for short!

> Editor-at-Large: Paul Philleo
> Contributing Editor: Joyce Lee
> Web Development: Andy Esser

Contact Us

Want to learn more about Events for Gamers, have an idea to help the game event community or wish to participate by help developing our site, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

— Events for Gamers Team

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