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Events for Gamers Chats with GDLX

This is the first year that Events for Gamers has listed in our industry calendar the GDLX 2023 event coming up on March 29th in London. It’s an interesting mix of developers and players and certainly an event you won’t want to miss if you are an indie developer.

Our team was excited to have the opportunity to sit down with GDLX and chat about the event, why you should attend, and why we should as well! Here is what they had to say:

E4G: What is GDLX all about?

GDLX: GDLX is an annual event for indie game developers to showcase their latest creations to a wider audience, and for industry professionals to network and share knowledge. The event is a celebration of the indie game development community, and provides a platform for developers to showcase their games, connect with players, gain exposure, and potentially land a publisher or investor deal!

GDLX has been running for a few years now. What’s different this year than in years past?

GDLX 2023, in partnership with MLC, is taking place in a new, underground location at 26 Leake Street, London. It’s set to be the biggest and best event yet, with a ton of awesome indie games on display, as well as a range of great talks and panel discussions from new and veteran industry professionals. Plus, there’s always the legendary GDLX after-party where everyone gets to let loose and network like crazy and play games!

Additionally, this year we have partnered with MLC, who will be at GDLX hosting their own MLC Zone, with some of the team and their fantastic clients exhibiting their games and studios. They will also be providing “Budget Builder” sessions that provide developers with the opportunity to build up their game budget and discover how they can help reduce costs through co-development partnerships.

GDLX focuses on indie developers and games. Who’s who at the show and what upcoming games are being talked about?

This year, GDLX 2023 is showcasing a wide range of indie games, including:
Upcoming local multiplayer brawler, Bullion – The Curse of the Cut-Throat Cattle by Leda Entertainment.

Visually stunning sci-fi FPS adventure game, Sounds Like Rain by Kreek Interactive.
First-person, stealth horror game Harvest Hunt by CMD studios.
Terratorial, the real-time strategy game by independent game developer Arrogant Pixel.
And many more. Attendees can expect to see a variety of games from both well-established and up-and-coming indie developers.

What special guests and speakers are expected that attendees shouldn’t miss?

This year, GDLX 2023 has a great lineup of speakers and special guests, including veteran game developers, publishers, and investors. Attendees shouldn’t miss the opportunity to hear from industry legends such as Simon Smith, Games Scout at Team17, and Oscar Clark, CEO of Fundamentally Games. There will also be a range of talks and panel discussions covering everything from game design and development to marketing and publishing.

We noticed one of the event’s sessions was about improving CV/Portfolios. How much does GDLX cater to those interested in breaking into the industry?

GDLX 2023 is an event that is open to anyone interested in indie game development, including those looking to break into the industry. The event provides an excellent opportunity to meet with industry professionals, and attendees can expect to learn a lot from the talks and panel discussions.

In particular, GDLX 2023 caters to those trying to enter the industry through the networking opportunities available. Both throughout the day and during the after-party, there will be dedicated networking and private meeting spaces to help entry-level attendees meet industry professionals at every level, providing a great opportunity to build connections that can lead to future opportunities.

Typically events will include a series of “mini-events”. For instance, conventions often have gameplay competitions. What is GDLX 2023 hosting this year?

This year, attendees can participate in the Indie Game Showcase, where developers will showcase their latest games and compete for the Game of the Show award. Additionally as mentioned, GDLX 2023 will also host the MLC Zone, presented by our event partner, MLC. The MLC Zone will include games to play, industry experts on-hand to provide advice on budgeting and co-development, and more.

GDLX has a YouTube channel to cover each year’s event. If potential attendees want to get a good idea of what to expect for this year’s event, which video should they watch?

If potential attendees want to get a good idea of what to expect at this year’s event, they should check out the GDLX special episodes on our YouTube channel. These videos provide a great overview of what to expect at the event, including interviews and panel discussions.

We are also offering a special 10% discount code for 50 readers that can be applied to any ticket purchase. Code: EFG-GDLX23

Thanks for the opportunity to chat, and we look forward to seeing you at GDLX 2023!


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