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The DeanBeat: DICE Summit shows that gaming has gone multi-generational

From VentureBeat: LAS VEGAS — There were plenty of times in the past when everyone was fretting about the state of the game industry. But this week at the DICE Summit, the elite game industry event in Las Vegas, the industry showed it had grown up and was spreading in many different directions.

Games have become a $70 billion global business, and many predict that it will grow into a $100 billion business in just a few years.

So many of the segments of gaming are doing well, and the core console and PC business leaders were joined at the event by indie game developers, mobile gaming giants, and international conglomerate executives. Everyone had gaming in their genes, and they were passing it on from one generation to the next.

“I’m not worried about gaming as much now,” said Rich Hilleman, chief creative director at Electronic Arts, which won the big award for Game of the Year for Dragon Age: Inquisition. “Back in 2009, the industry was shrinking and it was bad. But there are so many indies that are growing now and thousands of new games.”

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