Video of the Month – Online Networking Tips

GDC Summer 2020

GDC Summer 2020 (Digital) (image: Informa)

Networking isn’t necessarily easy even in the best of times. In-person events and conferences can offer a huge amount of opportunities, both scheduled and improvisational. Trying to make the most of an event, often with many opportunities can be a challenge.

But for much of this year, most events have been hosted online, on Twitch, YouTube or a dedicated online events platform, and so on — and it’s a completely different, much more 2D experience. How does one effectively network? How can one make the most of the networking opportunities out there? How does one achieve their objectives at an online event, like GDC Summer?

Chris DeLeon, a game developer and also involved with the IndieCade event, comes from a position of experience in creating games and events. In this 25-minute video, he explains covers a wide variety of ground. For example, DeLeon discusses some of the opportunities for remote and freelance game development roles (and networking for these opportunities at bigger events, such as GDC Summer), as well as covering more local organizations conducting smaller, accessible, and more targeted events.

Whether online or offline, some truths about networking are almost universal, such as making yourself visible, making connections that could play a part in professional development for yourself but for everyone you connect with. DeLeon stresses the value of authenticity and seeing this as a time to practice and even get used to seeing and hearing yourself on a video stream  But, if the networking isn’t a great fit, don’t worry about moving on to another event where the fit might be better, since it’s a better use of everyone’s time.

Chris DeLeon covers these topics and a lot more in the video (immediately above).

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