Video of the Month – Best Indie Games of PAX Online and EGX Digital 2020

Each month we showcase a video from around the industry that captures important announcements and trends. We’ve seen recently many indie games come to market from small online-only studios, a trend that is only increasing due to COVID-19 and other industry shifts. The opportunities are ripe for the game industry, especially now that nearly anyone can pick up some software, a decent computer, and begin work on the next surprise hit quite possibly all by themselves or a small remote team .

For this month’s industry video spotlight, we chose Get Indie Gaming’s ‘The BEST Indie Games of PAX Online and EGX Digital 2020 video. PAX Online is a new event that was created as a way to continue PAX during the current pandemic situation. EGX Digital, sort of like a European version of PAX, similarly went all-digital this year. Combine the two and you have some amazing online gaming event moments!

The video begins with Distant Light, a huge hand-crafted open world on a side-scroller view… with some literal twists along the way. Dreamscaper, Necrobarista, Boyfriend Dungeon, Moo Lander (our favorite), and over a dozen other games are previewed.

Check out the lineup below!

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