SXSW Gaming Announces Over 100 Panels & Events including Opening Party and Cosplay Contest

The 2017 SXSW Gaming Opening Party will take place from 8pm-11pm. at the Hilton in downtown Austin. Featuring the Cosplay Contest, this event is slated to be the largest cosplay event and party in SXSW history.

Whether you want to show off your awesome outfit or compete for an exclusive award, the Cosplay Contest is available for entry to all registrants, with certain eligibility restrictions applied to those who wish to be judged. So don’t wait, join in with thousands of your fellow fans of games, anime, comics, and more!

Attendance of the Opening Party or entry into the Cosplay Contest requires a Thursday or Three-Day Gaming wristband, or any SXSW badge. Enter the Cosplay Contest »

Updated: July 12, 2020 — 6:06 pm