Six Sigma Certifications and Their Impact on Project Managers and Organizations

Improving processes and increasing operational efficiency are at the priority list of organizations and employees in 2019. The companies rely heavily on business operation processes and methodologies to achieve customer and employee satisfaction and increase output at lower cost. However, to get such an important role as a project manager in any big organization thatputs high value in their operational efficiency, you will have to show your employers the qualification of skills needed to perform. This is where the Six Sigma certifications come in.

Levels of Six Sigma Certifications

The Six Sigma certifications are in high demand, as the skills and knowledge you acquire are used by many organizations. The company proves itself as a reliable source that gave more than 528,000 certificates all over the world. The Six Sigma credentials are extremely beneficial to both sides: employees and organizations. The certificationsat any level of Six Sigma will represent the quality of abilities you acquire for your future boss. The would-be employer will see you as a potentially valuable asset to his/hercompany.

You need to know thatthe International Six Sigma Institute offers 8 certifications:

  • Green Belt (CSSGB)
  • Black Belt (CSSBB)
  • Master Black Belt (CSSMBB)
  • Champion (CSSC)
  • Deployment Leader (CSSDL)
  • Yellow Belt (CSSYB)
  • Trainer (CSSTRA)
  • Coach (CSSCOA)

You may choose the one you want and prove your knowledge with the official document.

You should also know that the whole process of passing the exam consists of 4 main steps. First of all, you need to register online for the certification program you desire. Then you have to send the Exam Access Code. The third step is to take the very test, which comprises of 50 multiple-choice questions. And the last one is to attain your credential. You will get it immediately after the successful completion.

Preparation Hint from Exam-Labs Platform

You definitely may ask yourself after all the received information about the preparation methods for the test(s) and the resources you need to use for studying. You can start your Six Sigma certification journey withExam-Labs. The website offers a great variety of prep materials that you can use for your training time. There are free files from different users, which you can download. And you may discuss their usefulness in the comments section with other test takers.There are also premium files with training courses, Q&As, and study guides that you can get for reasonable prices.Exam-Labs also offers the most updated braindumps to make your preparation process interesting and easy.

Impact of Six SigmaCertifications on Project Managers

The Six Sigma certificatewill surely have an inconceivable impact on your career and future. Having such a prestige credential in your CV shows that you are a qualified specialist with analytical and business abilities. It makes you a great Project Manager or even a Team Leader. There are no organizations that will miss the chance to grab you and make a part of their staff.A project manager who is also a Six Sigma certified professional knows what to do to rationalize processes and enhance staff involvement.Thus, you can increase productivity, reduce costs, and increase revenues for your company. And this is a highly valued factor.

As mentioned above, there are also leadership roles. The Six Sigma certification programis designed to prepare the project managers to bethe great team leaders. After achieving the certificate, you will be leading game-changer initiatives to improve processes and quality of deliverables to your customers.

Apart from a project manager or a team leader, there are many other roles that can benefit from the Six Sigma credentials. They include:

  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Business Process Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Continuous Improvement Manager
  • Program Manager
  • General or Senior Manager
  • Business or Analyst Manager

Therefore, standing out from the crowd with the Six Sigma certificate can always lead to better salaries and better occupation opportunities.

Impact of Six Sigma Certifications on Organizations

The Six Sigma methodologies, when applied appropriately, have an impact on all pieces of business. There are many ways in which applying the Six Sigma methodology improves business operation within an organization. Let’s look at them in detail.

  1. Customer satisfaction

Nowadays, any organization implements improved quality control and upgraded processes with the Six Sigma methodologies. This can have a great impact on a company as it results in improved finished products. With an improved finished product comes higher customer satisfaction that leads to customer loyalty. When clients are happy, they usually become loyal to the organization, especially to the brand and they will always come back to the company that provides such products whenever they are in need of them. To win customer loyalty, the organization should ensure that the quality of its product remains consistent.

  1. Employee satisfaction

Six Sigma can direct the employees of organization to a common cause. This is usually one of the most important benefits of the Six Sigma certification programforthe companies. Six Sigma offers the leaders in the organizations an opportunity to rationalize and clarify the message to the employees or members of project or program teams. Besides, improved results can also create some sense of companionship among applicants, and this can always lead to better results.

  1. Improved revenue stream

The happy customers are those individuals who give good word-of-mouth references. This helps a lot in advertising the products and services that the companies offer. The satisfied customers also usually return for more. All these will improve the organization’s revenue stream.

  1. Better partnership

The Six Sigma credentials are designed to help the professionals improve and rationalize the processes and operations of any organizations. With the Six Sigma certified specialists, the company will definitely increase its status on the market. And whenever an organization does well, there are always many other companies that will want to associate and even partner with it. This can always lead to long-term partnerships.


Indeed, the Six Sigma certifications are not easy to achieve. They require thorough learning, preparation, and your dedication to the process. You may achieve it with the Exam-Labsplatform on the one side and the Six Sigma website on the other. Just use all the materials you need, study hard, and attain the Six Sigma credential to evolve your career path.

Updated: October 19, 2019 — 7:41 am

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