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New Galaxy S7 Game Pack Highlights

There are several reasons why CNET has dubbed the Galaxy S7 “the smartphone that gamers have been waiting for.” In addition to groundbreaking graphics made possible by the Samsung Galaxy S7’s Quad HD Super AMOLED display—the same technology used in OLED TVs—the smartphone is ready for virtual reality gaming with VR Gear. Additionally, the S7 comes with gamer-oriented tools, such as Game Launcher, which organizes all your games in one place while saving power and silencing app notification interruptions. Users will also find settings that prevent them from accidentally hitting the back button while playing, let them pause the game or take a screenshot. Plus, to put these features to use, the S7 comes with a Galaxy Game Pack that includes 16 of today’s hottest games. Here are three of the more popular ones.

Marvel Contest of Champions

If you’re a Marvel fan, you know there’s nothing better than an epic battle between superheroes and super-villains, except perhaps a battle of superheroes versus other superheroes. In Marvel Contest of Champions, the cosmic elder The Collector has gathered together the greatest heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe to do battle with each other on a grand scale.

Inspired by the classic 80s comic-book miniseries events Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions and Secret Wars, and foreshadowing the storyline of upcoming Avengers movies and spinoffs, Contest of Champions delivers gameplay similar to DC’s Injustice: Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat X, but set in the Marvel Universe. You start with two champions to fight for you and collect more as you progress. Pit Hulk against Loki, or have them gang up against Iron Man and Thor. Your teams can even get synergy bonus superpowers when you combine the right characters together.

For instance, imagine the power of team where Hulk and Thor fight alongside the Juggernaut, Colossus and Magik. Or, what if Thanos and Kang teamed up? Marvel Contest of Champions comes with a free Starter Pack offer that includes a 2-Star Avengers Crystal to start building your team.

World of Tanks Blitz

If you’d rather play as heroes who fight in tanks instead of tights, the Galaxy Game Pack also includes World of Tanks Blitz. Like its popular PC predecessor World of Tanks, Blitz lets you choose tanks from different countries to enter a multiplayer battlefield. But Blitz is even simpler to play, with your tank team reduced from 15 members to seven. Choose from 90 different tanks representing three countries to fight it out on eight available battlefield maps.

You start with just three tanks, each the weakest one selected from its country. As you gain experience points and cash, you can use them to modify your tanks, buying different types of ammo or picking up boost items for single use. When you’re ready to play, push the button and Blitz will automatically match you against other players who represent a fair match for your team. Win by destroying all opposing tanks or capturing the base on the battlefield map.

World of Tanks Blitz starts you off with a Pz. B2 Tank. You also get a 15-day premium account free.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

If fantasy floats your boat, the Galaxy Game Pack also comes with Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Like the other games in the Warcraft series, Hearthstone is set in the world of Azeroth, where humans, orcs, Night Elves, Tauren and other races roam. Hearthstone weds Warcraft with a digital collectible card format in the spirit of a streamlined version of Magic: The Gathering. Playing with a 30-card deck, you and your opponent take turns fighting matches where you use mana points to summon minions and cast spells until you or your enemy’s health is reduced to zero. Winning a match earns you more cards, gold or other prizes. Use your winnings to improve your deck and become unbeatable.

Hearthstone lets you select from a tutorial or five different gaming modes. You can fight human opponents of your skill level, face a computer-controlled foe, fight in an arena, rumble in a tavern brawl or challenge your friends to duels.

Heartstone starts you off with an exclusive card pack. Three-card packs are also available.


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