Is Streaming Worth It For Pro Gamers?

It doesn’t matter what game you pick – if you’re a professional gamer, you’re in a totally different field than the rest of us gamers. As a pro gamer, you’re qualified to join various tournaments and competitions, and you have a particular focus of ensuring you assert your dominance in the competitive gaming scene. Or course, this also means earning both respect and actual cash prizes from being an active part of the community. If you think you should be using your gaming skills in another field aside from playing titles, it makes sense for you to consider streaming.

And if you’re thinking about becoming a streamer, you’re probably thinking if it’s even worth the time and effort. Coming from us, it’s totally worth the time. And here are a few reasons why that’s the case:

  • Technical knowledge on gaming makes it much easier to find a niche and focus on it. Unlike other gamers, pro gamers have a technical knowledge in a particular genre or game that it’s going to be much easier for them to find a streaming niche. If you’re a pro gamer looking into streaming, consider streaming games you specialize in and already play as it’s going to be much easier for you to share insights. It’s like instantly getting a content calendar as you already have a general idea what to more or less stream or focus about.
    • Being a pro gamer immediately gives you two niches you can focus on – gaming and the professional scene. This opens a lot of opportunities as a streamer as not only are you approaching the game as it is, but you can give insights on the competitive nature of said game. Your opinion may instantly be viewed as that of an expert’s.
    • As a pro gamer, your content calendar can be pretty much set, as you can tackle subjects on both the gaming and professional scene. You can tackle how to start a pro gaming career, to how professional gaming works for that particular game. With these topics and your diversity of gaming equipment to use, your content offerings can be extremely flexible. This can greatly attract viewers into your channel. 

  • Existing network makes it easy to tap into an audience and sponsorship. Newbie streamers always experience the same problem when they begin their career: getting viewership and sponsors. As a pro gamer, you generally have this covered as you already have an audience within the competitive scene, and you can already tap into sponsors you’re aware of. Not only that, but your chosen game’s existing audience base can be instantly hooked to your streams because they already know you from matches.
    • As a pro gamer, you’ve likely already established a network of fellow pro players and fans that are familiar with what you do. Their presence not only guarantees audiences, but even potential collaborations and support. This builds upon your existing network of contacts and won’t demand as much effort from your end to build it from scratch.
    • Sponsors can be much easier to come by thanks to existing deals and contacts. When you know sponsors – both current and former – in your team and others’, you can use this connection to see if they’re interested in supporting you and your streaming career. If you’ve built a tight audience and following during your pro gaming days, you’ll likely find this easy.

  • Save up on costs with existing gear, equipment, and resources. Whereas newbie streamers usually need to save up and purchase higher-end gear and equipment for their streaming needs, you likely already have a stable setup at home for practices in your professional career. This makes it much easier for you to acquire gear that you need since you’re already already possessing most of what you need, anyway. You only need to ensure the games you want to stream can be streamed by your chosen platform.
    • Regardless of what sort of pro gaming you do, you likely have the equipment and games you need to for competitive-level play. This likely means you already have the equipment you need for streaming, except if you want to upgrade some components. This can be extremely cost-friendly on your end, as you only need to save up on auxiliary gear.
    • When we say auxiliary gear, we’re talking about peripherals like microphones and webcams, or even recorders apt for communicating while playing multiplayer games. You may choose to further decorate your streaming space as well. Point is, you don’t have to spend as much with your current setup anymore as your machine will already be capable of streaming anyway.

  • Earn while doing what you’ve been doing. Perhaps the biggest draw of streaming as a pro gamer is that you’re going to be able to earn by doing what you’ve already been doing. Streaming as a pro gamer lets you play competitively in non-tournament setups and then earn while being able to entertain others. Given the right platform and choice of sponsorships, you may be able to earn much more compared to the competitive prize pool in tournaments.
    • You can actually use your breaks in between tournaments to stream game footage. This can not only serve as practice, but as a means to gather potential new fans for you and your team as well. Use your cards right, and having enough of a following can let you earn a ton from platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and even Facebook.
    • This may also be your ticket to a new career that you actually love. Granted, even if you don’t want to quit on pro gaming, streaming can still let you hone your technical prowess and speaking skills that you’re already training yourself for Communications-related work. Not only that, but you can even start your own streaming team or even join an eSports streaming initiative that can actively let you earn money by streaming.

Streaming: Get Your Pro Gaming Spirit On

With the above taken into consideration, you might want to really think about getting into video game streaming. After all, you’re already in the gaming scene, and you most likely have the connections you need to start and build your content offerings. Remember, a lot of your initial success really hinges on whether you can gather an audience and identify a niche. However, given your gaming background, this – alongside other elements of streaming – may be easy to come by.

Updated: January 31, 2020 — 4:59 pm

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