CES 2021 News: Event Dates Change and Keynote Announcement

It’s a few months before CES 2021, but it’s a been a busy day of official news already from the organizers of this January 2021-hosted consumer electronics tradeshow. Most recently, it was announced CES 2021 was switching from a hybrid online/offline event to a digital-only event. Let’s take a quick look at the latest news from CES 2021.

Verizon to Deliver 5G-focused Keynote at CES 2021

Verizon’s Chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg will deliver a 5G-focused keynote to open the 2021 CES show. Verizon, an American telecommunications company, is heavily invested in 5G technology. In a nutshell, 5G is a faster cellular network with a bigger pipeline for connectivity, which could ultimately lead to newer and more improved experiences that rely on a powerful connection, such as cloud gaming and video streaming.

From the official press release keynote announcement:

“Verizon’s keynote for CES will demonstrate the vital role that mobility, broadband and cloud — or the world’s 21st century infrastructure — has played in connecting the world this year and how the accelerated shift to 5G is transforming every industry,” said Vestberg. “This time in history is redefining the meaning of connectivity for consumers, industries and society as a whole — imagination is our only threshold.”

CTA (Consumer Technology Association), who is also the organizer of CES, converses with Verizon’s Vestberg to touch on the keynote against the backdrop of innovation in a time of global disruption and uncertainty:

For more background on this keynote announcement and others coming up, check out the CES 2021 keynotes page.

CES 2021 Event Dates Change

CES 2021 dates have been bumped up the January calendar, from Wednesday, January 6. 2021 to Saturday, January 9 to the following week, Monday, January 11 to Thursday, January 14. The exhibitor showcase is sandwiched in-between, to be held January 12-13, followed the conference programming on the last day of the all-digital show.

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