August 2020 Game Industry Events Calendar

It’s summertime! To help you discover upcoming game industry events calendar that includes conferences, conventions, festivals and other events, we post a consolidated list here on Events for Gamers each month.

View August’s event list below. As you can see, it’s another relatively light month given human malware still wreaking havoc, especially consider August is usually one the industry’s busiest.

You can also click here for the main calendar view.

AUG 1: California Extreme (Online)
AUG 1-3: The 5G Future of Gaming (Online)
AUG 4-6: GDC Summer (Online)
AUG 6-7: DevGAMM Kyiv (Online)
AUG 7-9: QuakeCon (Online)
AUG 7-9: Mysterium (Online)
AUG 11-13: Social Media Strategies Summit Chicago (Online)
AUG 12-14: IEEE SeGAH (Online)
AUG 15-16: Chainsaw Film and Game Festival (Online)
AUG 16-18: Hot Chips 32 (Online)
AUG 16-23: Games Done Quick Summer (Online)
AUG 24: ICGJ (Online)
AUG 24-28: SIGGRAPH (Online)
AUG 25-26: SWARM Conference (Online)
AUG 27-30: gammescom (Online)
AUG 28-30: 2D Con (Online)

This game industry events calendar list is obtained from the main calendar. Did we miss an event? Let us know! Also check out the Google version of the calendar.

Updated: July 28, 2020 — 3:47 pm