The world’s first two-day QA-dedicated interactive forum

With the increased proliferation of game-capable devices, higher population of gamers and more demanding consumers, Quality Assurance has never been more important in the gaming industry.

Whether it be for console, PC, mobile, online or social, the playability and game experience can now define a game’s success – or failure. Large developers may take a hit in revenue and/or reputation, but for small-to-mid-sized studios it can be make-or-break.

The Game QA & Localisation 2013 forum is the world’s first two-day forum that is entirely dedicated to (surprisingly) QA and localisation within the gaming industry.

Taking place in London, United Kingdom, on June 25 – 26th 2013, the forum will bring together QA and Localisation Managers, Directors and VPs from game developers around the world to discuss some of the key challenges faced on a daily basis.

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Updated: November 30, 2013 — 9:04 pm

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