What’s Next for Virtual Reality at Silicon Valley VR Expo 2016

The consumer launches of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR have occurred, so the next set of questions involve what kind of content will emerge on these virtual reality headsets. Furthermore, what might the next generation of hardware bring? Predictions on market potential widely vary, but it’s clear there is a lot of buzz around VR.

The upcoming Silicon Valley VR Expo aims to answer these questions and more. Presented by Silicon Valley Virtual Reality, this three-day conference and expo will take place Wednesday-Friday, April 2729, 2016, at the San Jose Convention Center.

On the “fun facts” side of Silicon Valley VR Expo, make a mental note (or scribble it down if you want) that there will be 3,000 industry professionals in attendance. Who are these folks? The official press release details those interested in the SVVR Expo: “developers, content creators, industry professionals, game developers, investors, 360 video professionals, researchers, metaverse architects, interaction designers, filmmakers, hardware engineers, 3-D modelers, user-experience designers, marketers and professionals passionate about the future of virtual reality. SVVR Expo 2016 featured sponsors include: NVIDIA, Nokia, Noitom, Oculus VR, Vizuality Studio, Boost VC, High Fidelity, VideoStitch, Virtually Live, AltspaceVR, Sixense, OSVR, VREAL, Samsung and Google.”

Now that we have an idea who’s attending SVVR Expo, what will they have to check out? Over 150 exhibitors will be showing off their technology on the expo floor. Over 200 unique VR demos will showcase new hardware, content and more. The SVVR Expo show floor will feature, according to the press release, “the largest collection of VR companies ever assembled and will represent all categories of VR: gaming, filmmaking, enterprise, medical and fitness, social, health and wellness, and more. The show floor will include hardware, content, applications, B2B technology and more from large companies and startups alike.”

On the conference side, dozens of speakers from many different backgrounds will be sharing their facts and informed opinions about the growth industry that is VR. To follow along as the agenda is added to and finalized: featured speakers will be continuously added to: http://vrexpo.com/2016-speakers-panelists/ and http://vrexpo.com/schedule/.

SVVR Expo pass types (to register: http://vrexpo.com/attend-svvr-2016/):

  • Full Conference Pass ($450): Includes all general admissions sessions, keynote, workshops, expo floor access, plus lunch on April 28 and April 29 and a ticket to the reception

  • VIP/Early Access ($695): Includes early access to show floor (9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, April 27), early access sessions, executive/VIP lunch on April 27 plus all general admissions sessions, keynote, workshops, plus lunch on April 28 and April 29 and a ticket to the reception

  • Friday-Only Expo Pass ($75): Includes access to show floor 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, April 29; no access to speaker sessions or lunch

Karl Krantz, founder of SVVR, added his context on the role the SVVR Expo plays in the VR business.

“Now is the time for the industry to show the true potential of virtual reality. Not only is VR going to revolutionize the way games and media are experienced in the home, it also has nearly limitless potential to change every industry. That’s what we’re showcasing at SVVR 2016  SVVR Expo is both a platform for industry leaders to connect and share ideas and also a place to discover the next big idea. We’re proud to have established a community dedicated to advancing a healthy, diverse VR ecosystem.”

For more information about SVVR Expo 2016, visit www.vrexpo.com. For additional information about SVVR, visit www.svvr.com.

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