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eSports Zone No. 1

eSports is, by any measure, a rapidly growing segment of gaming, live media and the event space. Research firm Newzoo keeps its fingers on the pulse of related data, and it found that the global eSports market is growing from $325 million in 2015 to $463 million in 2016. By 2019, that number will more […]

Up Your Game by … Not Playing It!

Becoming a Better Gamer As any self-respecting gamer will know, there are a lot of factors involved in one’s ability to play games at the best level possible. With the seemingly unstoppable growth of the industry, in combination with rise of eSports, many gamers around the world are looking for every opportunity to bring their game to the […]

E-Sports Planting Its Roots

The following is an article written by Michael Sawyer with http://www.userp.biz/. As global event viewing evolves further into online platforms, coupled with the mind-blowing stat that mobile devices now outnumber the amount of humans on Earth, it only serves as a reminder that our daily activities are becoming digitally influenced. The sports industry is one […]

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