Q&A Interview with App Growth Summit’s Louis Tanguay

E4G: At your recent San Francisco event, you seemed to have a lot of game developers or related companies in attendance, who are integrated into that ecosystem. Do you plan to lean heavily toward inviting folks in mobile gaming for at least the San Francisco event, or maybe others on your calendar?

Louis: We are definitely welcoming to all categories of the mobile world. For example, at our App Growth Summit Berlin event, we were the first ever event to produce a non-gaming Mobile App AND a Mobile Game day. No one had ever combined those two verticals in the same event on back-to-back days before, and we look forward to continuously provided valuable content to game developers and publishers just as we do for mobile apps.

Mobile gaming is a major target for monetizaton

Mobile gaming is a major target for monetizaton (photo credit: CC0)

E4G: Given the generally strong position mobile through its ecosystem, do you foresee any topical changes on focus for your event series in the next year or two?

Louis: Much like this industry, we are also constantly changing. We have to keep our ear to the ground and keep offering up the content people want to hear about and discuss. Other events seem lazy with their content, either because they don’t put a focus on it, or they just don’t have someone on their team passionate enough about doing the hard work and crafting content which resonates with the crowd. We are constantly curating and creating the content which we know the industry is interested in. Holy alliteration with that line, Batman.

E4G: A recent Liftoff: Mobile engagement report has detailed a drop in user acquisition costs due to high engagement, while in-app purchases (IAPs) have struggled for traction. Is finding a balance between acquisition and paid user been a recurrent discussion point amongst participants at your events?

Louis: I think the fact that those two topics aren’t more closely aligned is indicative of where the industry can adjust their priorities on. As you know, UA rules the day in this industry. Everyone is first and foremost on UA costs. While UA is important, of course, it’s really secondary to the product. If you have a “leaky bucket” then you’re wasting whatever UA budget you’re spending, no matter how cost-efficient is might be.

While you need users at scale to know if your monetization and retention are working in your product, Mobile App professionals need to break down their internal silo’s and truly be on the same page with other departments. The Acquisition and Product teams need to be lock-step in sync with each other and they both should pay attention to the third branch of mobile app governance which is data analysis and data science. All three working together will help the product be more successful by getting the right Users to install the app, and understanding the right engagement strategies to keep the product sticky and ultimately increase your LTVs while reducing churn…which is essentially Business 101. Find out who your customers are, and what they want, and then give that to them….Then cash the checks, haha.

E4G: Aside from your own events, which are your favorites to attend and why?

Louis: I really like the Appmasters Connect events which Steve P. Young runs. His events are very inclusive and intimate, and he finds ways to help mobile app professionals bond and create long-lasting connections. I have met some amazing people at his events, and these are people who I am now proud to call actual friends. His events truly foster those friendship feels while also being a really great format and environment to learn from each other in an open and non-judgy milieu. I would like to end on that $5 three-point shot of a word… milieu. Hahaha. But seriously, thanks for having me, and for your attention to, and exposure of, App Growth Summit’s events. It’s truly an honor and a privilege to have had such as successful first year, and it’s with the amazing support of awesome industry folk like yourself which have made it all possible. I really thank you, and everyone who’s attended or sponsored an event. Let’s have an even better 2019!!

Thank you, Louis, for your feedback and insights! More information about the App Growth Summit event series, including which events are coming up next, can be found on the official AGS website.

Updated: November 13, 2018 — 9:37 am

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