Play Expo Manchester to Host the eSports Tournament Red Bull 5G

Red Bull is one of those familiar brands that has long been associated with marathon gaming sessions. It’s recently taken its brand further into the multibillion dollar world of eSports. As mentioned in our most recent eSports Zone, Red Bull is working with Capcom’s Pro Tour across the United States this year in the quest to find some of the best “Street Fight V” combatants.

Red Bull is not stopping with the just the United States. Now, an announcement has been made that the North U.K. versus South U.K. Red Bull 5G eSports tournament will have its northern qualifier event hosted at Play Expo Manchester. Play Expo Manchester is described as the largest video game expo, complete with exhibits, talks — and tournaments — in Northern England. It will be October 8-9, 2016, at EventCity in Manchester.

The winner of this Red Bull 5G qualifier will participate in the final at the full-on Red Bull 5G event in November 2016. Red Bull 5G, an event export from Japan after 2012, echoes 5v5 martial arts tournaments, following an East meets West theme, except it’s North versus South in the U.K. The gran prize is a hat tip to the origin of the tournament, with an all-expenses paid trip to Japan in December. Five genres are represented in the tournament, in the form of five familiar and popular game titles: “Hearthstone,” “League of Legends,” “Project Cars,” “Rocket League” or “Street Fighter V.” Red Bull 5G is open to all to enter, so anyone with a competitive streak and happens to be a gamer might have a taste for this event.

To see the full press release, follow this link. For more info on RedBull 5G, this is where to start. Last but not least, for more information on PLAY Expo Manchester 2016, visit here and follow Replay Events, the show organizer, on Facebook, and Twitter.

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