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Experiential Technology and NeuroGaming Conference & Expo Returns to San Francisco

Virtual reality, augmented reality and internet of things definitely commands the headlines these days. But, “neurogaming” has also had its share of hype over the years. Involving other highly hyped concepts such as wearables, VR, AR and IoT, neurogaming is not benefited or beset by a flood of conferences and events. So, the Experiential Technology […]

The DeanBeat: Will Neuro Games become the next revolution of the game business?

From The DeanBeat: Neuro games are something new that can take gaming beyond the traditional violent, controller-driven game and give us wonderful user interfaces, brain-enhancing entertainment, and even fitness-improving applications. These kinds of games sound so great, but they’re being overhyped as well, considering how young the industry is. The conference is just in its […]