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Durham Bulls Athletic Park Becomes First Minor League Baseball Facility to Host Esports Tournament (Press Release)

GOLDSBORO, NC (PRWEB) AUGUST 16, 2017 Durham Bulls Athletic Park will become the first Minor League Baseball facility to host an Esports tournament, when the inaugural DBAP Gaming Challenge takes place from Sept. 29 to Oct. 1 at the ballpark. The three-day event will utilize much of the park’s unique event space, including the PNC Triangle […]

Peanut Butter and Chocolate of Gaming: VR and eSports Events

Virtual reality (VR) and eSports are starting to meet at an intersection, which will allow tournaments and other events to portray new content in new ways. Imagine tournaments where VR-empowered competitive gamers play tournaments in more immersive environments, while their audiences watch the action on the big screens — or perhaps in VR themselves? It’s been […]

eSports Zone No. 3

This column has been on an extended vacation, touring the world, taking pictures and finding itself, but now eSports Zone is back to wrap up a little of the amazing news in the fast-moving world of competitive gaming. Let’s review (and we promise to skip the long, boring slide show from that trip): eSCON USA […]

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