Founded in 1999 the Insomnia Gaming Festival has been a place for gamers of all backgrounds to congregate, socialise, discover new things and ultimately just play. Insomnia is a culmination of all of the best bits of video gaming.

It combines a massive LAN, a huge Exhibition Hall, large-scale Esports tournaments, and a variety of other interesting activities all packaged within an inclusive, gaming-focused social atmosphere. There’s something for gamers of all ages and styles at the Insomnia Gaming Festival.

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    An interview with the Insomnia team

    We sit down with the Insomnia event team and get the latest on the upcoming event this March 22-25! It looks to be one of the biggest ever, so read a sneak peek here at what’s coming up! E4G: Insomnia is one of UK’s biggest gaming festivals. What are the key areas that new attendees […]

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