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MCM Midlands Comic Con

The MCM Midlands Comic Con expo takes place the last full weekend of May and October each year. The convention mainly focuses on anime, manga, video games, sci-fi, cosplay & popular media from the UK, US and Japan.

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    Capcom to Offer Four Playable Demos at New York Comic Con 2015

    Capcom announced that four playable demos will be available at its booth (#1420) at New York Comic Con 2015 October 8-11, 2015. NYCC attendees will have the opportunity to play “Umbrella Corps,” a “Resident Evil”-themed team shooter; “Resident Evil 0“; “Street Fighter V“; and “Mega Man Legacy Collection.” Yoshinori Ono, executive producer of “Street Fighter […]

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    Comic-Con 2015 Sells Out in Just Under an Hour

    The grand-daddy of all Comic-Cons, the San Diego Comic-Con, sold out all tickets in less than an hour (59 minutes to be more exact) on February 21st,  which is, by some estimates, a record-setting pace to move so many tickets. No doubt that left a lot of unhappy customers waiting in queue, given the incredibly […]

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    New Cosplay Photos from New York Comic Con 2014!

    New Cosplay Photos from New York Comic Con 2014! This is the best group of Cosplay we’ve seen yet with over 100 unique costumes. Thanks to ComingSoon.net for the gallery! To view the entire gallery, click the image above. If you would like us to share your photos, let us know!

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    35 Cutest Cosplay Couples at New York Comic Con

    All of the Comic Con events are fun to attend and see the hundreds of Cosplay outfits that represent everything from games to TV and movies. Here are Mashables.com’s picks for this year’s New York Comic Con: Visit Mashables.com for more Cosplay! If you have a favorite Cosplay outfit that we should mention, let us […]

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    Events For Gamers Cosplay Pick of the Week: Skyrim Dragonborn

    We are beginning a new weekly feature, Events For Gamers Cosplay Pick of the Week, that highlights some of the awesome Cosplay seen at recent conventions. With Comic-Con now concluded, there’s more to select from than ever before this year! Our Week 1 pick goes to this spectacularly detailed and gritty Skyrim outfit: For more […]

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