Gamelab Barcelona

Gamelab Barcelona is the main showcase of the sector in Spain, offering a powerful speaker brands communication toward specialized and general media, and through them to the final gaming consumer.

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    Gamelab Barcelona, Ten Years Bringing Together Top Leaders In The Interactive Industry

    From June 25-27, industry leaders such as Jade Raymond, Tim Schafer, Keiji Inafune and Dong Nguyen will meet in Barcelona to talk about the present and future of the sector The show will also feature special guests such as Shuhei Yoshida and Yu Suzuki, who will be honored for their career achievements by Spanish and […]

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    SOOMLA is coming to Gamelab 2014 in Barcelona

    The Soombot and his gang are coming to Gamelab Barcelona and want to meet you. If you’re an enthusiast indie and you want to learn more about SOOMLA and how indies can achieve more together, we’ll be there to answer all your questions. Your feedback is crucial to the success of yourself and others using […]

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    Video Games Barcelona Event – Gamelab Barcelona 2013

    WHAT IS THIS VIDEO GAMES BARCELONA EVENT AKA GAMELAB BARCELONA?? Gamelab Barcelona is the most important video games event for the video games industry and interactive entertainment companies and projects in the European video games sector, with special attention to those ones in an early stage of development. Gamelab Barcelona serves as an effective hub for local companies looking to expand […]

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    Finalists of the 2013 Spanish Games Industry Awards

    The games finalists for the 2013 Spanish Games Industry Awards has been announced today by the jury of the Spanish Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. Deadlight from Tequila Works with five nominations and The Respawnables from Digital Legends Entertainment with four are the games that have more candidacies this year. With three nominations we […]

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