Events For Gamers chats with Giulia Palmieri at Game Connection

E4G: Hello Giulia, thank you for taking time to chat with Events for Gamers about Game Connection Europe 2013! Please share a little bit about the purpose of the event for those not familiar.

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Giulia: Game Connection is an international conference that gives video game industry professionals the opportunity to interact, network, and promote their products, services and expertise. Since 2001, key players from the games industry have gathered in Europe and in the US —to meet, do business together, connect with new industry professionals and socialize in a lively environment where business gets done. This business-focused setting is largely enabled by the Game Connection Meeting Application, a unique match-making tool allowing attendees to schedule meetings in advance of the event – thereby effectively optimizing time spent onsite.

E4G: What role does the event take in the ecosystem of games business conferences?

Giulia: It is the best place to network and to showcase projects effectively. We bring the players, you make the deals. No other event you can get these 30 minute meetings, back-to-back with C level managers. If time is today’s currency, we are letting people save a lot of money! There is no wandering around, everybody is there to get business done. Whether if you are a AAA publisher or an independent developer, you’ll find very precious contacts on our show floor. Plus, the spirit is unique: when you come to Game Connection, you have the feeling that you’re visiting your extended family!

E4G: What overall game industry trends do you believe keeps Game Connection relevant to attendees?

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Giulia: Game Connection follows the current market trends, so people working into mobile or F2P can certainly find what they are looking for. However, it doesn’t mean that more hardcore platforms and business models are not represented. Quite the opposite: for example in Paris both Sony and Microsoft unveiled some tricks to the attending developers on how to best exploit the futuristic features of their next-gen consoles. Plus, the variety of service providers that are now coming to the show help us guaranteeing a coverage of the whole production pipeline. In the end what’s relevant for our attendees is the service we are providing to let them schedule 3 full days of meetings with the most pertinent key players they may find in the industry.

E4G: What were some of the new event features, conference or networking highlights?

Giulia: The 15 nominees for the Selected Projects awards opened the show, presenting their unsigned games before of all attending publishers, with White Night from OSome Studio sweeping both the “Best Console & PC Hardcore Award” sponsored by Microsoft Studios and Sony XDev Europe and the “Best Selected Project Award at Game Connection Europe 2013” sponsored by Namco Bandai Games and given directly by Kevin Yanagihara, Senior Vice President at Namco Bandai Games Europe. The show also recognized Panzer Pets from Gamundo as “Best Mobile, Tablet and Handheld Game” and Little Warlock from Storm Potion as “Best Social, Casual & Online Game”.

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Then it was the turn of Marketing Awards, designed to recognize best-in-class video game marketing campaigns and creativity from around the world. The British Dead Good Media Ltd together with Koch Media Ltd have been elected the “Best Marketing Team at Game Connection Europe 2013” for their outstanding PR campaign on Dead Island Riptide, which included an awesome Zombie Wedding. The very same night all attendees have been invited to the Official Game Connection Zombie Apocalypse Party where dancers and make-up artists made them have the time of their lives!

There were also 2 special events: on the first day, the “Assises du Jeu Vidéo”, hosted by Capital Games was a forum of discussion and debate around economic, social and political problems encountered in the video games industry. On the second day the Innovation & Regulation Chair of Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom Paris-Tech with Mosaic, the Creativity & Innovation Pole of HEC Montréal, organized a research and professional seminar on the evolution of video games industry ecosystems: 1. Evolution of business models; 2. Create and develop value by actors: clusters and associations in cooperation with the Game Industry Support Group.

I can go on, but I guess the 90+ conference sessions we had, speak for themselves! 😉

E4G: What are the main differences between Game Connection Europe and Game Connection America?

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Guilia: In 2011, Game Connection Europe launched a program of conferences, workshops, and master classes to reposition itself as a 360° experience. Game Connection America preferred to remain the business heart of San Francisco during GDC. We know that people normally head to the Moscone Center for sessions, so we booked alongside an entire hotel, transformed regular rooms in meeting suites, ballrooms into expo floors and got the business done!

E4G: Have you considered expanding the event to Asia or Latin America yet?

Giulia: You bet, we are. But I can’t say more, so stay tuned! 😉

E4G: Thank you for talking with us about Game Connection! Where can interested attendees go to learn more about the event and to purchase a pass?

Giulia: All information can be found on our website: or on our social networks: follow us on twitter ( and Facebook ( and of course don’t hesitate to contact our Team if you need any further information:

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